Because it’s a new day | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

What happened yesterday ended with a closed chapter labeled by yesterday’s date and filed away in the archives of history. There is such a slim chance it’s going to be revisited except when you as the actor in yesterday’s script keeps replaying the role in a play that has ended already. You have a right to forget your past because it’s a new day and it’s your chance to create braking news rather than grapple with the agonies of the past.
Yesterday is a filled sheet but today is a clean sheet. When you stick to the bitterness, agonies, regrets, break ups and all other failures of yesterday, today’s sheet at the time of submission for filing in history’s archives will be filled with sorrows of yesterday.
Every new day presents you with the opportunity to rewrite your history but a lot of people keep rewriting their history by repeating the history they do not like on the new sheets presented to them. If you think your life is boring, isn’t it because you have not moved out of the retrogressive routine that you pushed yourself into?
Your heartbreak and rejections and failures were in yesterday’s history! Wake up! It’s a new day with new opportunities! I am glad it’s today and that yesterday didn’t have to continue endlessly with the pains and the agonies. Seeing a new day feels like a student who could have been asked to take a class again or quit school but was given a plain sheet to write another paper after knowing the mistakes that have been made! Bingo! What are you waiting for? Write it differently this time. You failed yesterday so if you are still thinking about it and not moving ahead you are already failing again!
Snap out of the bitterness because it’s a new day. Get up and face life with a new strength. Stop looking at the starting line because the race is judged by what happens at the finish line. You have had enough time to sleep over yesterday’s doom. Get up with a new hope! Get up with a new vision! Get up I say … because it’s a new day and it’s your day!

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