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Before I begin, I want you all to note that I believe so much in Nigeria and that, according to Fela Durotoye, by the year 2025 Nigeria will, undoubtedly, be the most desirable nation to live in. I only write this notes on “Before 2025″ so that we all will see and accept our responsibilities because things will not just happen. We have a role to play.

From “People to Principles”


Thank you for taking some time out to read my blog but I think you should tell someone about some vital issues being raised here. The last blog was talking about optimism and faith but now it is important to talk about the people through which the faith and optimism are expressed.


One of the primary issues I really think we have to tackle before 2025 in Nigeria is the problem of moving from people to principles. Many of us are blaming a person for what went wrong in a place when we know so well that we are actually doing it as a way to explain our failures. Remember that our failures will not turn success through our explanation. You may not understand what I am talking about until you have a few examples laid out for this issue.


Professor Moris Iwu was appointed shortly before the general elections in 2007 to head the electoral committee. I am not going to talk about his performance and I will not be open to discussions about his performance. I only want to discuss a critical issue. A number of people think he tried and some think he was horrible. My challenge really is that when I looked at the people who were saying that Iwu should go, they were not people who have an idea of what the real problem was. Iwu is a personality and is not the problem of the election. Our obvious problem was principles.


When I say principles I think we both need to examine something serious here. There were several political parties in the country at the time of Election. One of those parties is the incumbent party. The party in power is the one that will conduct an election through a committee that it has set up in the name of trying to be transparent. The person who presides over the electoral committee will be appointed by this same party. Now how much of fairness do you expect from the whole process? The simple tactic of that time was to appoint a “due-process” administrator against some “007 (James Bond) politicians.” Iwu is not desperate so he expects that things will turn out naturally because he is not aware that he probably was in a stage-managed sabotage. Unfortunately the Nigerian public did not help issues because they tackled people and not principles.


When we do things in a way we must have certain results so why are we going to keep changing people instead of principles? I cannot remember how many Ministers for Power and Steel that President Obasanjo worked with when he was in power. Obviously the people still did not produce the desired results though they may have taken some steps in that direction. Our immaturity comes to limelight when we start blaming people for failures when we are supposed to help them decipher what was wrong in the way they went about things. In any organization, be it political, religious, business or social, one of the first antecedents of growth is when we can face people to say, “I know you messed up but the problem was not you. The problem was the way you did it.” The person becomes the problem when the person is indifferent but until otherwise proven, we must learn to differentiate people from failures. Let’s be sincere to let them know their strategy was what failed and we together fine tune issues. If we don’t go this way then we are in for a greater mess.      

People may fail woefully but they will also succeed beyond imagination if they are in the right atmosphere and they have the right principles to work with.


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