BEFORE 2025 IN NIGERIA (3) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

 – The Parasitic Personality


Great teacher and pastor, Mathew Ashimolowo, the Senior Pastor Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), London related a joke in one of his tapes where he was teaching on 31 reasons for lack and the solutions. He said an American proposed to invent a cell phone. A Chinese proposed to market and A Nigerian said he would buy it. The next statement he made was that this reveals the consuming mindset of the people instead of a producing mindset.


I have said repeatedly in the previous issues that I believe in Vision 2025 but we cannot hope for a better tomorrow without preparing a place for the expected opportunities to land. A lot of us are still acting like other people owe us but when the ball is in our court we act like it’s just a favour we are doing if we help and we are not under obligation to help.


When we were growing up we were exposed to a number of wrong things that cloned a ridiculously out-of-this-world mindset and we are now living with it. One of those things was that anyone who visited us and leaves without giving us money was stingy. Sometimes such people were hated so much and this is still happening today. This is exactly what a lot of people grew up with so they do not think about making things happen for themselves. They are always expecting people to make things happen. They believe if you are rich you must give them money so that they can live fine.


I do not have a problem with anybody giving you money but we must identify two kinds of receivers. There are some receivers who are parasites and there are some who are visionaries. When a parasite receives money he blows it up and keeps asking for more. Whatever he gets is never enough. When a visionary gets money he uses it as a leverage for the skills and abilities already inside of him. Upon proper consultation on their ventures, these kind of people barely come back to ask for money.


This challenge is not with money alone. I have seen a lot of people who think their relatives must only use what they have for a while and pass it on to them. When I was an undergraduate I met a guy about three times or more in the same week at different places on campus. He claimed he was stranded the first time so he was asking for money to travel. He came to me the second time repeating the story because he had forgotten he once came to me. The third time he came the story had changed to trying to meet the demand of his project supervisor. The last time he came I was alighting from an official car of the university so I didn’t even listen because I was now familiar with his usual lies but he didn’t know my face. He went from people to people repeating his lies.


I do not expect that kind of a person to think for himself. He will keep thinking somebody else is responsible to him. You know where you always expect people to make things happen. I don’t live my life as if people owe me. If they give, fine! If they don’t, fine! I always think like I am the one who owes you. If we work on this then 2025 is a good time to look forward to.

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