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Ethics & Professionalism: Prospective opportunities
Nigeria toady unlike most of the so called developed countries that it admires so much still has a lot of growing opportunities that can be tapped into but it has begun looking up to other people are wants to replicate feats that were done in hundreds of years overnight. It is not even wrong to look at those who have gone ahead and to learn from them but like Sam Adeyemi would say, “We are not saying you should not copy but make sure you copy right.”
Our Banking, Broadcasting, Print Journalism, Departmental Stores, Event Management, Publishing, Information & Data Management, Agricultural Development, Community Development, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, Tourism, Cultural Development and most importantly, Human Capacity Build plus so many other area of the country are of immense benefits for this country and any other developing nation of the world but the problem we have had so far is that everyone wants to head in one direction. In 2005 during Edible Pen’s “The Relevant People’s Conference held at Realm of The Word Assembly, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria, one of my guest speakers, Damola Adewole said, “everybody wants to move in the direction of what they say is reigning. If it is sachet water today, everybody goes in that direction. If it is oil today everybody goes in that direction. There is no creativity and ingenuity.” These are the problems that we have:
Expectation of constant change
Nigeria and every other developing nation need to know that the only thing that keeps the world moving is an expectation of constant change. The world wants to see what is knew so they developed nations keep searching but the underdeveloped keep celebrating the things they have discovered some decades ago and worse still, centuries ago.
Routine stereotype
Professionalism can be attained and prospective opportunities would only be maximized when we begin to do things in several unique ways rather than saying, “so it was in the beginning, so it is now, and so shall it continue to be, world without end.” Nothing kills progress faster refusal to try new things because of the things we have been used to. The way to discover new things is not to sit in the old places. You do not discover how to float by testing the water before stepping out.
The work place ethics of so many people in a lot of places today is the greed orientation so they only keep thinking about themselves. I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book (Retire young, Retire Rich) and one thing that I find interesting, though it is already known to very many of us, is the proposition that the only way to be rich is to keep serving people. The hit point was that what the rich people do is to create a product or do something and they continually think about how to make it available to several people. It is just one thing that has been done but they keep reproducing for several people at cheaper rates and they still keep making money so long as they are serving people. the poor do not understand this so they always want to keep to themselves what they have or know rather than trading it for the benefit of other people.
Following the greed discussed it is obvious that to an extent it is immaturity that will not allow us take maximum advantage of prospective opportunities in a world of limitless opportunities. Immaturity in this context has got nothing to do with age or with the number of years someone has spent trying to do something. It only has to do with the capacity of the person’s mind. When people’s minds are underdeveloped we should not expect too much from them because everyone is obviously limited by the capacity of his or her mind.
Short sightedness
It is in a way linked to immaturity but it is far beyond immaturity. We have simply refused to see the bigger picture in all that we are doing and that is why we are not getting any where. A lot o people are living an improvised life. Things happen to us before we begin to think about what to do rather than think about what t do before things begin to happen and that is why we cannot even talk about ethics in some cases because you only talk about ethics where you already have a set task and systems created in which they must be done.
Now that we have seen the vital things that are affecting us, let us make the necessary adjustments. Let us begin to see the bigger pictures. We need not guard the things that should be beneficial to everyone in the society. Don’t do things because that is what everyone is doing. Find your objectives for the things you intend to do before you begin to do them. Let us develop our minds. I have said in some other articles that there is no nation that has developed without first of all seeing the development in the mind but it is only a developed mind that can see an external development. We need to work on our interactive skills and let positive minds engage our minds for a great cause that will be to the advantage of our nation.
God bless Nigeria!
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