Benchmark for laziness | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

In life, we have so many things determined for us and that includes the perception of being a hard working person or that of being a lazy one. Most people accept the benchmarks that others have laid down for them and fit perfectly into the ‘standards’ of other people. A few others turn around define their own standards.
That’s what I want to challenge you to do – define your own standard of being a hardworking person or being a lazy person. You have had too much of others telling you this is what is acceptable or this is what is not acceptable.
The difference in accepting the general standard of others and in setting yours lies in the capacity within you. When you hit the standard of men and you can do more, you don’t want to do more because you think you have achieved the most that anyone can. So you stop there since that is the standard that others have set.
If you can’t get to the standard of others, you also blame yourself because you think you have not done as much as others have done. You think you are inferior to them and that you ought to have more talents than you currently have.
The reason I am asking you to set your own benchmark for laziness is that you are the one who can really tell when you are lazy or not so long as you have a focus and you are purpose driven. For example, a lot of people see that I write a lot and they think that what I am doing is superb. Some people just want to be able to write as much as I am doing and when I look into it personally, I think that I am not doing as much as I should do.
I have the capacity to write more and I need to challenge myself to do much more than I am doing. While that is going on in my mind, I find many others who are commending the many articles they are seeing. If they were to set the benchmark of laziness, they would say I am a super hard worker and I can take that as an endorsement and go to sleep.
Rather than take that, I know within me that there is more to pour out. Last year, 2014, I set a goal for myself to write an article of not less than 500 words daily and it looked impossible when I started. I stuck with it and eventually achieved it. I could have stayed with writing just one article in a week or a couple of them in a month. That would have looked nice and some commendations will still roll in. However, I had to set my own benchmark.
Now if you are ever going to achieve the best you can achieve, you will not stick with the benchmark of others, while they are thinking you have done the most that anyone can do, you are thinking about outdoing what you have already done.
You may not look lazy to others. Especially when your past works are speaking for you. Guess what? It will take a really long time for people to find out that you have become lazy and that only your past works are the ones speaking for you at the moment. By that time, you probably would have lost your relevance.
Step up your game and not wait for someone to tell you what you have done is okay. When you think you have done enough for today, do more for tomorrow. When you think that you have achieved what you need to have ready for tomorrow, start thinking of something for the future.
That’s how to set your benchmark for laziness. Now my own benchmark for laziness is when I let a day pass without writing an article. It may change but that’s what it is for now. What is yours?

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