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If you will ever move forward in life it is very important for you to place urgent attention on beneficial relationships. We grow through relationships, we succeed through them and we sustain whatever we have achieved or will achieve through relationships.
When you have so many relationships around you and they do not benefit you then you will end up draining yourself. You will be the only one giving and giving until you start feeling so dry because the others are not contributing to the relationship.
This is not to say that you cannot relate with those who have nothing to give you at all. I am one of those who believe so much in the fact that someone may have nothing to offer today but may still be in the position to turn your life around tomorrow. We have to be nice to as many people as we can and also ensure that we build relationships that can save us in the future.
However, we are not in any way compelled to always keep people around us and feel like they have become our burdens. There must be away we are offering value to those around us and we are also getting some value. The value does not have to be money or connections from those people. There may be those around you who will only be able to render services to you and those services will make your life easier.
Anyone who does not build beneficial relationships will get to a bridge of relationship and will not be able to cross it. This person will also get to the relationship bank and will not be able to make withdrawals because he or she has had no deposit or deliberately built relationships that are beneficial.
The bridge of relationship can come up in your businesses. Do you realize that the things you have been struggling with for years can become a reality in a couple of minutes when you build the right relationship? It is possible you have been trying to make things happen but all you need is one other person to make it happen for you. That is what I call a bridge of relationship. You are good at what you do but you are not getting attention because you know no one. You are known to be the best in your field but you only have skills and there is no recommendation that can take your skills to the next level.
Please be informed that it is very hard to become great in life without other people and not just other people but the right people around you. You owe yourself that responsibility to carefully and strategically build the right relationships that will become your elevator in life.
Only a fool will think that he has all it takes to make it in life without the help of others. When you trace all that you have been able to achieve till date, you will see the signs of some beneficial relationship. The person may even be your spouse or some relatives and the person may not in any way be a part of your family.
One thing you must be conscious about is the fact that beneficial relationships are not just for your own sake. As others help you to grow and succeed, you also have to help others grow and succeed. The more you help others grow and succeed the more you will get others who are will to help you grow and succeed.
If you have not built some serious and beneficial relationships, please start now and make your life count! 
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