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Let’s wrap it up today on the series of Goshen to Canaan. I started three weeks ago by talking about how the Children of Israel got to Goshen through the Journey of Joseph to Egypt. That part of the series was titled ‘How we got to Goshen.’ Last week I wrote another part titled ‘Goshen is good but Canaan is the promise.’ That piece focused on some of the good things that happened in Goshen for the children of Israel which is why they nearly refused to leave Goshen for Canaan. You will find these previous series on
Let’s take a quick look at what happened between Goshen to Canaan. God is an amazing God and I dare say that some of the greatest things recorded in the Bible were things that happened in between the transition of God’s children from Goshen to Canaan.
At first I will want us to look at some of the things that happened in a list and then I can zero in on the attitude of the Israelites. Their attitude was a major concern for me and that also because many of us are like that in this present day. So the list of events between Goshen to Canaan include:
1. God had to paint a picture for them through the deliverer that he raised for them. He told them that he was taking them to a land flowing with milk and honey. They later spied that land and focused on the wrong thing – inhabitants – rather than the things God spoke about – the good of the land.
2. It took miracles for God to get them out of Goshen in Egypt. They would not have believed that God wanted them to move.
3. In order to show that God was with them on the journey, he killed all the Egyptians that pursued them when they started.
4. God decided to lead them by a longer route. He knew they had enjoyed Goshen so much that they were attached to it. He also knew they were faint hearted because of the king of Egypt.
5. They also had a unique compass to work with. God went ahead of them in form of fire and in form of cloud to give them direction.
6. When they needed water God gave instructions and a combination of rod and rock brought out water!
7. Before hunger could kill them God made a provision for them. Special food came down from heaven for all of them. They wondered what it was and it was so much that they did not need to rush for it.
8. God made covenants with them.
9. They became impatient and turned to idols.
10. They forgot all the miracles God had done for them and simply talked about death until God decided to do to them what they had spoken with their mouth. Numbers 14:28.
11. God changed followership – everyone above the age of 20 died in the wilderness – and also changed leadership – he brought in Joshua – but kept his promise.
I think that you will get the main point from the last two points listed above and when you read Numbers 13 and Numbers 14 from the Bible. Between Goshen and Canaan, God kept proving to the people that he was with them and that he would get them to where he was taking them to. He showed them miracles but they soon forgot the miracles.
The people turned against God severally and God referred to them as a stiff necked people. They also forgot that God brought them out of Egypt and would keep them. They forgot the miracle meals and kept talking about death. When they kept talking about death, God finally answered by saying ‘as you have said in my ears, so will I do unto you.’
Are you and I forgetting all the things that God has also done for us in time past and focusing on the present challenges? Are we talking about death and forgetting the miracles of the past? Do you realize that God gets really angry with us when we worry about little things he can sort especially if he has done something similar for us in the past?
In law there is what is called precedence. Something that has happened before most likely will shape how other things will be decided in future. If God has done something for you before, that thing becomes precedence for other things that he can do for you again. In fact, that he has done it before is proof that he can cheaply or effortlessly do it again.
When we get into trouble, we should not act like the Israelites did in their transition from Goshen to Egypt. We should make reference to the great acts of God in times past – the miracle meals, the covenants, the divine direction, the parting of the red sea – and use that to commit God for the things we are expecting. The main reason God changed followership was because they were children who never remembered the acts of God to make reference to it and build on that to get what they want.
God likes people who always make reference to what he has done and are also grateful for it. But when you show appreciation for what God has done in the past, remember it in the days of trouble and say, ‘as my God did it in times past, He will do it again.’
The original plan of God, as he led the children of Israel out of Goshen, was that they would serve and know him more but it turned out differently because they did not trust God enough, as proven by their attitudes and word, to take them through. Let us trust God enough in our words and in attitudes as well. When we do, we will realize that it costs him nothing to take us from Goshen to Canaan. May you get to your Canaan!

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