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One of the things we have to come to terms with is the fact that good intentions dont make things happen. Some people even expect to be judged based on their intentions and not based on what happened. You cant, as some people have already said, form a reputation on your intention.
This is more important because nobody knows your mind or will be able to read your intentions accurately. So we are all left with your actions. If you intend to do something great in life you need to note that you will not be called an achiever just because you had good intentions.
It is only those who took a step to ensure that what they had in their minds became reality that will be called inventors. I have had several imaginations. I think about certain things that can be created and things that ought to be but thats just what it will remain if I dont take a step on it. I will not be referred to as an inventor.
So let me ask you a simple question. What are those good intentions of your heart? What do you want to become? Is there something you really want to achieve? Have you ever thought about making impact in the lives of some other people? I am sure you have some good intentions no matter how small.
If you have had those intentions for a while but they are not written down I suggest you take the bold step to write down those intentions. Let them be in your face regularly and you can start something from there.
Now is the time to move beyond intention. You have to go from intentions to actions. All you good intentions can be achieved if only you will not stop at thinking but be bold enough to act. Have you been thinking about starting a foundation that will help others live a better life or help with their dreams? Thats a great idea and an intention but when will you start talking to people about it? How are you going to raise the money to do that or do you have some money you can start with already?
Always remember that life is about cause and effect. The results you get in life are directly related to the things you have started. I can paint a situation of a ball in front of a footballer. The footballer has the intention to score. In his mind he has picture how the goal will be scored and how that important goal will help the team. But if he does not hit the ball and hit it right will he ever score any goal? Will the referee say he has a good intention so we must let his team have a higher score?
I just want to charge you to move beyond intentions today. All those good intentions of your heart, get to work with them and make a difference in your environment. Make that intention happen and make a difference in your country. Good intentions are nice but we need more than good intentions. 
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