Blame others – Habits of unsuccessful people 4 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I am sure you have heard about the blame game severally. There are those who can receive awards for knowing who to blame in every situation. If you want to succeed, one thing you must learn is to take responsibility and not blame others for everything.
Why is it important to see that blaming others is one habit of unsuccessful people? When you blame others you don’t take responsibility. Those other people who have been blamed may actualy take it serious, see why they are blamed and improve on their work, skills or attiude.
You would have escaped the blame and will not see how blaming someone else may have helped them. If you every want to succeed or go far in life, you must stop blaming others for where you are today or what you have not been able to accoplish.
There are those who will blame you for how they didn’t get a good night rest. They will blame you for what they look like and whatever they are going through in life even though their predicament may be as a result of poor choices.
When you go around blaming people, you will never see why you should improve. To you, it is the other people who have issues and they need to fix themselves but you have no issues to deal with.
Everyone should know that whatever you blame others for, you will not improve at it. Some adults these days also blame their parents for the kind of upbrigning that they had. They believe they will do better if their parents had done more for them.
The more you look around for who to blame the more you get into situations you dont like and you still turn around to find someone to blame.
Take your life in your hands and become serious with it. Stop looking in the direction of those who chose not to help you. Yes, they did not help you but that has not stopped you from becoming who you want to become! Others may have tunred you down but you can’t hold on to their rejection as a nice reason to fail in life.
Don’t look for who to blame any longer. In fact, if you must blame anyone for the predicament that you are in, blame yourself and immediately get up to fix it. You are the master of your soul and the architect of your destiny.
Your present situation may have been a result of what somoene else did  to you, which wasn’t palatable, but your future will absolutely depend on what you do with yourself.
You have one choice right now. Do you want to continue blaming others for what they did or stop blaming them and reconising that you can change your own life? One way out is to stop the blame game and look more at fixing things rather than who to blame.
Blaming others has not fixed any problem before and it is not going to start fixing problems until you take charge. Take charge of your life. Stop the blame game and move forward in life.

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