Blaming your woes on your country | Fola Daniel Adelesi

I walked into a shop recently and as the shop owner chatted with some of his customers, he blamed the hardship he was experiencing on the country. When I walk on the streets, I often hear many people blame their woes on the country too. The elderly people have done this for several years regardless of who is in power and the young people have begun as well.
Let’s get back to the elderly people. You would have thought that a change of government will automatically change the lives of some people. The people hold the belief that if some other people were in government, they would enjoy better fortune. Years have passed and several people have gone into and have left the government house. These people who claimed that a better government would have made things easier for them haven’t had a better life!
The truth is that some people can actually have a change of fortune when there is a change of government. Their businesses can be dependent on the government or they may get appointments to work with the government. Some others may just have some inexplicable turnaround. Whatever it is, your woes and prosperity do not actually depend on the government of your country. If you think you can only prosper when a good person is in government then you need to ask some important questions.
Are there people in your country that are prospering regardless of the government in power? Are there people with thriving businesses even when a bad person is in power? If there are people like that then you have your confirmation that you can succeed regardless of who’s in government.
I must admit that there are government policies that can hurt businesses. There are government decisions that can turn a businesses upside down but you can still succeed in any place.
Americans can prosper regardless of who is in government. Nigerians can prosper regardless of who is in government. This is the same for people all over the world regardless of their country and you must work with that mentality.
You can and you will succeed with or without your country.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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