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Sometimes we look at the things that other people around us seem to have and we strongly desire to have what they have. At other times, we think they are the ones who have it all and we have nothing. Just at that moment when we think that other people have it all and we have nothing, those other people may as well be looking at you and thinking that you have it all. On the long run, you have different people who are involved in what I call blind envy, not knowing that things are not as rosy for those other people that you envy as you think.
We need to be a lot more careful and not always measure our lives by what happens in the lives of other people. While it is okay to looking at other people who are doing good and give ourselves the challenge to also do same, it is important to note when we are crossing the line and getting into unhealthy competition or blind envy as the case may be.
As you complain that someone has a better shoe than yours, the person whose shoes you are looking at may have a bigger problem to deal with and will be willing to trade the shoe with you just to get rid of the problem. In fact, while you still have the mouth to complain, there are those other people who are in a terrible situation such that they cannot open their mouths to complain. They may not be dumb but may be so sick on the hospital bed and can even talk. They just lie still, looking at their loved ones and hoping for a miracle that can help them communicate with their loved ones.
Agreed you have a situation on your hand. You may not have a quarter of the money you need and bills keep increasing. You may not have a desired job or you do not have a job at all but you should still not blindly envy other people. When you hear the challenges of those people you blindly envy then you will at least think that you are better off in some ways.
Are you envying someone who has a new car while you have an old one or you don’t have at all? Well, did you ever consider the fact that the car might be from a loan while yours is fully paid for? Or maybe you have been servicing loans on a house while someone is servicing loans on a car! Don’t you realize that you have a better investment that will last longer with ever increasing value? Is there someone around you who is using all the latest devices and it looks like you can’t afford them? Wait a minute before you envy them. They may have some rich parents or relatives providing all those things and you should not kill yourself over that. But more importantly, you may also have something they strongly desire to have or some of them may be living with some life threatening diseases.
Just stay on your path, be grateful for what you have, be hopeful for a better tomorrow when you will get all that you desire but never wish for other people’s conditions! You just might be asking for a bigger problem!

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