Blind exportation of jobs from Nigeria │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Over the years we have blindly exported jobs to other countries while we claim that there are no jobs in this country. We keep struggling to create jobs for the young people that the universities are churning out every year. As soon as the universities churn them out, we are able to keep them in the system for another one year through the National Youth Service Corps. We pay them peanuts and claim that they are serving but at least for that year they are not seen as unemployed. Afterwards, they begin the rat race and nearly every fresh graduate from our universities becomes a post master, only that these one are specialized post masters since they only distribute resumes to different comes. This continues to happen while we are exporting our jobs to other countries.
How have we been exporting our jobs to other countries? We have the oil, other countries refine! We have four dysfunctional refineries in the country that the government has refused to resuscitate. We spend so much on running the democratic government and our government in Nigeria is the most expensive government in the world. Our political leaders are the highest paid and a number of them are full time politicians because they have no other jobs or companies of their own. You can even trace them back to a field that they were in before they got into politics yet they are the highest paid. Their focus has been on some of the mundane things and that is why they cannot see that we are blindly exporting all the jobs we should be creating within the system for our own children.
In the last few years I have also heard the Minister for petroleum resources, Mrs. Deziani Alison Madeuake, talking about the cost of building a new refinery and keeping it at maximum performance all the time. They make it look like it’s a white elephant project and that the country does not have the money to make it happen. There is no logical argument that anyone can present on why we claim we do not have the money to build the refinery and then export our products to other countries. The countries in question are countries with lesser resources and they have been wise enough to either beg or borrow to have the facilities in place because they know countries like Nigeria will keep bringing the oil for them to refine. They are employing their own citizens while we are taking the tax of the few employed people in the country to export the other jobs we would have created and we run very lavish governments on the rest.
What will it cost us to establish a refinery in the six geopolitical zones of the country and make sure that all six refineries are working? We need to open our eyes and become wise. While there are many citizens here who are very hungry since there are no jobs for them, there are many citizens from other countries that are very happy because we take the jobs of our citizens to them and pay them heavily for that. Apart from the fact that we pay a few countries heavily, we also pay a few people heavily to bring the products back into the country.
Going by the fact that we keep exporting our products to be refined, what we do is that we export the jobs and we import liabilities into the country! Any sane or right thinking government knows that one of the major things to do is to bring our refineries to life and build new ones so that we can stop exporting the jobs that we have been exporting since 1952. Can you even imagine that this job exportation business has been going on long before the independence of the country? Let’s rise to the occasion! Let’s call the mis-mangers to order! Let’s stop the unnecessary exportation of jobs today!
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