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Many have been told to fire their bosses and that’s exactly what they thought they were doing when they jumped into the world of entrepreneurship without thinking twice. A few of them were able to struggle and survive. But many have come to realize that they were never prepared for what they went into. The grass that looked greener on the other side is not as green as they saw it from afar.
Have you been in a job before and you thought about leaving the job for a business of your own? Would you like to control your time and make more of the decisions that affect your life? That’s a good thing you want to do but it is not something you should do blindly.
Maybe I should describe the situation as blind switch when someone moves from having a job into starting a business that they don’t seem to be prepared for in anyway. I have seen people who took that blind switch and I think that you should not take it before realizing what you are in for.
I am not saying you should not leave your job for a business of your choice. It’s a great thing to do but you will be better off if you have been preparing for that business even while you are in the other job that you have.
You can start by preparing your business plans and proposals. If you can raise the money to register the business from your salary then you should do that before the job. Answer questions on how you want to run the business and where you even want to run the business from. Don’t just leave the job you have and you want to start sorting everything from scratch.
It may be that you have gotten promises from people who are even claiming to be waiting to help you. You will be surprised after taking the bold step to come out of your job that they probably didn’t mean any of those things that they said to you. It’s important to make more concrete plans and not just base your preparations on the thoughts, ideas and words of promise from other people.
Preparation is key and you need to be well prepared for the move you are about to make. Some others can’t move because they don’t know how they are going to pay their bills when they leave their jobs and that’s why they may never move. Others have also moved without properly planning it. You need to move if you have ideas that you want to run with but make sure you also have something figured out about how you will pay some basic bills before moving.
I think that you can also take a bit of the time when you are still in a job owned by someone else to either do your research or pay someone else to do the research for you. Gather as much information as you can. The information gathered will, to a great extent prepare you for the task ahead.
By the time you do all of these, you will be different from someone who just made a blind switch. You did not just move from the career you had to start thinking about what you can do or where to even start from. This is even more serious when you already have a spouse and children that you need to support.
Entrepreneurship is a great idea. I believe so much in it and one of the things I want to do in my life time is to help as many people as possible to set up their own businesses. When you start new businesses there will be more jobs and you are adding great value to the economy of the nation where you live.
Having said that I believe in entrepreneurship, you still need to be very careful about a blind switch so that you don’t just crash almost immediately after starting your business. It’s a different ball game if you decide to start out in life as an entrepreneur compared to when you start out with a job and you need to switch.
Whatever happens, follow your dreams and do it intelligently.    

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