Blood Pressure or Business Perception

Which of the BPs above would you like to be known for? Which of the BPs would you want in your body? Which of the BPs would you recommend?
I guess it’s the second one! If my guess is right the you had better start working on your business perception. I realized so many so many “SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES” do not eventually succeed. Why did I say this? They have the potential and the werewithal. They have the physical energy and the business location but they often do not REFINE the MENTAL ENERGY needed to make the business a success.
Much more than the physical energy that you have, your endeavours succeed, largely, to the extent of your mental energy. You must not just think. You must THINK RIGHT. A lot of people are thinking. You thought about working on your computers. You thought about what to wear. You thought about what to eat. You thought about viewing a programme. You thought about replying some mails. That is not the ultimate. The issues is that you must THINK RIGHT because you may be thiking about starting a business but the business would die sooner than expected or give you BLOOD PRESSURE.
What you need is BUSINESS PERCEPTION and not BLOOD PRESSURE to get your business going. GO GET IT from consultants, books, tapes, CDs, DVDs and any other material that kills your tendency to have High Blood Pressure.
Fola Daniel Adelesi,
The Idea Doctor.
You can now call (+234 805 247 2448  0r  +234 703 790 7851) EDIBLE PEN to train your members, friends or students for Business and Leadership. We also give the best of proposals at any given time.

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