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We get caught up in so many little things and we think that we will break through with those small things then the big stuff will come. We see the opportunities for the big stuff but we ignore them either deliberately or out of fear and stick to the small things we do so well.
Isn’t that why you see so many talented young people out there who are very good at something they can do but they are just not making a head way in life? Have you thought about some elderly people who are looking back in regret because of the many opportunities they could have harnessed that they did not embrace?
Too many of us are so afraid. We don’t want to take steps that we really need to take. We think that we are not there yet. We also presume that we needed to have seen some physical results before taking those bold steps.
It does not seem to occur to many of us that we may never hit the big break that we want to hit if all we keep doing is the small thing we always do. There are big opportunities out there and we can harness them too just like those other folks taking all the big opportunities. Don’t ever think that these people are better than you. They may not even know half of what you know. Many of them cannot offer the quality that you offer or do as much as you are doing right now but they are getting more results.
Wake up and ask yourself questions about when you will take your first real leap. We sometimes act in life like young babies that want to walk but they always crawl. If you are going to walk and you don’t get up to make attempts how will you ever walk?
The breakthrough you are expecting is waiting for you. The big break is yours and there is no contender but you are the one who is not going all out for it. If you ever think that something is worth doing then you need to do it well. Do it the best way in which it can be done and as you go on, make sure you do it big!
I understand the part of starting small. It is very important to start from somewhere but you must never remain small. Some people say they want to start small and more than ten years later they are doing exactly the same thing with the excuse of starting small. Some are still on the same level twenty years later and they still hinge the stagnation on starting small.
You have to be able to tell the difference between starting small and becoming stagnant. If you start small it’s okay but after a given time you must be progressing and there should be efforts to show that you are tired of the present level.
I once heard a man talking to printers. He made reference to how many of them never grow big because all they ever bid for are small jobs like call cards. They keep saying the big jobs are not coming but they are the ones who have occupied their times with the really small jobs and there is no time to run after the big jobs.
Are you really ready for a big break? I am not asking you to do something crazy. I am simply asking you to believe in yourself more. I am saying that there is more to you than what you are doing right now. You have been playing safe for too long and there is not what you need for the greatness you desire to become a reality.
You’ve got to be willing to step out big in some things. You’ve done the little things long enough and that is why your big break is still waiting. Face it! You have what it takes to make it if only you will be strong enough to take some bolder steps for better results. As you get better results with the bolder steps, don’t allow mediocrity to set in. keep looking for bolder steps to take at every new phase.  
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