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One of the most important things that I heard from motivational speakers while growing up was the fact that I am not just an accident from two people playing around in a bedroom, hotel room or some vacation resort. I am not a product of circumstances even if the people who gave birth to me ever say that they were not ready for me when I came. It is also the same for you.
They may have said you were born accidentally but I need to remind some of you and tell others that you were not an accident. There was a need to be met here in this world and someone had to meet that need. The only reason you were born, regardless of the circumstances around your birth, is because you are here to meet that need.
If there was no need for you to meet you would not have been born. There would be no need for you to come to this earth and just be a part of the numbers. The creator does not just waste resources without purpose. He’s not tired of keeping people in heaven, if that’s where they are before they come to this earth. He has not run out of space to accommodate those who have no need to be here on earth.
In fact, this earth is more congested and I think that is why some people must die when they grow old and others come in as babies. You were born to meet a need. That is the most important thing. Forget everything that they’ve told you about your father who did not stay with you and your mother after you were born or your mother who went away with another man and dropped you for the orphanage.
It could also have been an irresponsible man or woman or some of the unimaginable circumstances that seem to have brought you to this earth. If you stick with that story, then you will not amount to anything in life. There’s a more important reason you were born and that’s simply because there is a need to be met here on earth.
Your life will be a lot more meaningful when you set out on a search to find that need that you were born for and also begin to strategize on how to meet that need. There is nothing that makes your life better and sweeter than doing what you were born for.
As for me, there are people who are discouraged and the need I was born to meet is to encourage such people. When I motivate them, they will be able to look up again and continue with the purpose of their lives. They will end up becoming productive because they will do meaningful things with their lives. So I wake up daily to encourage people and help them to be the best. When they want to give up, I get a word out for them again. It gears them up or they are fired up and ready to go again.
It is important to find and meet that need that you were born for. It makes this world a better place for all of us. The likes of Bill Gates were born to meet technological needs through a company called Microsoft. Steve Jobs was born to meet a similar need through apple. The Wright Brothers were born to meet transportation needs. Some are born to meet leadership and or organisational needs. A few were born because of our health challenges and I think Ben Carson is proving that to us.
Everyone, including or especially you, was born to meet a need. When you meet that need then you make this world better for us. When you refuse to meet that need then you leave this world more miserable for us. That’s because you are consuming part of its resources and you are not adding any value to us.
Meet that need that you were born to meet and make this world better for all of us. 

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