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As I pondered on what to write a verse of scripture struck me and it came from Acts of Apostles chapter 1 verse 1 which says ‘The former account I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began to do and teach, until the day in which He was taken up …’ It got me thinking again and I can’t help but ask how many of us can actually say that we are both doing and teaching instead of just teaching what we know and sounding very intellectual or spiritual but never doing the things that we preach!
If we claim that we are follow the examples that Jesus laid down then it should not be a case where we desire the power He had to do miracles and the power He had to command attention while we do not practice the very things that we preach. When you even look at the verse you will realize that it was not just said that he did those things that He taught but it was also said that was what He did until the day He was caught up so It was not a situation of doing the right thing some of the times and then doing what you please at other times or preach what you think sometimes and only preach what you do a few times!
In the church that we find ourselves today there are so many leaders and I prefer to even say there are so many of us who are in there in the church looking so holy and so spiritual but we are not in the least the exact picture of what we appear to be unto other people. I have also seen a situation where people are afraid to give businesses to other Christians because it has gotten to a level where people wrap you up with the religious camouflage when they want to get businesses from you and make you feel so comfortable but as soon as they get the businesses they begin to do something else!
One of the things we have forgotten today in the church is that what God sees as integrity is that we are preaching exactly what we have done instead of trying to tell others to do what we have not done and probably do not intend to do. There was the record that Jesus, even though no one would question Him, did the very things He preached and did not see Himself as someone who was already above the law! He could break the law without anyone asking Him questions or bringing Him to book but He willing submitted Himself and was very humble.
Sometimes you can tell that today’s church is struggling and it can barely make the necessary impact that it should make on the lives of people! Why do you think the church is struggling? In one case it is because we have leaders who do not preach what they do and when they preach certain things they do not intend to do those things. In some other cases you see leaders who do not even say anything that needs to be said but they say only the things that the people want to hear! The other part is where you have people who hear the truth from the lectern every Sunday but from Monday to Friday they are something else. They profess to be Christians but the only thing that makes them look like one is that they go to church on Sundays but if you take a look at their real character they are not what you can in any way call Christians!
We know all sorts of things that are going on in the church today and they are obviously issues that should never be heard of among the sons of God but my charge today is not about the issues and the inadequacies of the church members or the leaders! All I want to do is to give us a reminder about the fact that we leader we process to be following is someone who first of all does something and then preaches what he does! If only all the followers of Christ in Nigeria will do exactly what they are supposed to do by first doing and then preaching then this country will be a better place for all of us to live in!
Don’t just say you are a follower of Christ today! Tell me, are you doing as well as teaching or you teach and preach without doing the things you say?
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