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Since it is Boxing Day I just like to take advantage of the word, while recognizing the fact that this day has nothing to do with physical boxing or fighting, to ask you to box your fears and limitations. It’s really a good time to box everything that has been stopping you so far. Companies are probably on vacation, depending on where you work or what you do, so you have some time to yourself without any boss placing too many demands on your time.
Please note that most of the limitations you are still dealing with are the limitations you refused to box before now and they have held you hostage. You wanted to move up the corporate that but those fears or limitations held you back. You wanted to start your own business but you received serious blows from your fears and limitations and hear you are again about to enter another phase of your life still looking at those fears and limitations.
Is this how you will continue year in year out? Is this how you will keep hoping that your fears are unfounded or hoping that the limitations will be taken away? I think I should tell you that it’s time to stop hoping but time to take action. Stop allowing the things that should not bring you down to keep you down.
I am guessing that you had so much to deal with during the year because of some fears. Are you now ready to deal with the fear or you are going to allow that fear take another year from you? It does not even matter if it is something as simple as the fear of driving? Box that fear now. Pick up those car keys or go to that driving school and finish up your fears to show that you are stronger if given the chance.
Why is the fear of the unknown still holding you back from starting your business? I have spoken with different people before now who should no longer be in paid employment but for the fear of the unknown, they have not started their businesses that could have turned their lives around.
You claim to have been waiting all these years for the right time but deep down within you it is not really about the right time. It has been about the fears and limitations you have been looking at. Are you finally going to box the fear of marriage and get married? Will you step up boldly and throw a good punch at that limitation so that you can write that book? I don’t know what’s been holding you down but I dare you to summon the courage and fight till all your fears and limitations are now afraid of you and can no longer stop you.
We all have a life to live and one of the things that is bound to happen is that fears and limitations will show up to try and stop us from living our lives. Ultimately they will try to take our lives completely but that can only happen if we allow it.
If you think that your life has been clamped down by fears and limitations, you can break free without even getting external help. What you first need to do is to decide that you have had enough of the intimidation and fight. You need to do this because your fears and limitations are like bullies. When a bully tries you the first time and there is no resistance, he will come back again. If he tries it the second time and there is no resistance, he will make it a habit to continually bully you.
Now I am not only asking you to put up a resistance, I am saying fight back the fears and the limitations! Once a bully sees you are going to fight back and you have all it takes to pull a serious fight, the bully will have a rethink! It’s also time for the fears and limitations bullying you to have a rethink. Even if you pull a fight the first time and you don’t win, you will fight again. That is because if you don’t fight then you have to live with being bullied the rest of your life or so long as you are in that area. You can’t take that!
I hope you are now motivated to fight and take your place rather than allowing fears to keep you down? Get ready, one two … fight!  

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