Brain Capital & Idea-preneurship – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Amidst the global crisis that so many people are shouting lies abundant opportunities that most of us are stepping on daily without noticing until an outsider comes to show us the opportunities in our towns where we have lived all our lives. Dr. Myles Munroe shared a story with us in a meeting on the 19th day in April of 2009 about how he and so many other people had lived on the Hogue Island in the Bahamas for several years. They had only seen the Island as a refuse dump and that was the only thing that it was used for Dr. Myles even said he and some other people used to go to the beach around that Island but they only went there to swim. One day an American was driving past that Island when he was on vacation in Bahamas. In his mind what he saw was Paradise Island and not Hogue Island so he went to the government that he wanted to purchase the land. The government gladly gave him that land for so little because to them it was a mere refuse dump.
When he got the Island, according Dr. Myles Munroe, all he did was just to change the name of the Island from Hogue Island to Paradise Island. When the story was being shared the Island had become the most expensive piece of property in the Caribbean and the foreigner is making cool money because the people who live in that country go there to work for him. They never say the paradise. To succeed in business the first thing you need is a solid idea and not money. This is the era of idea-preneurship where business will thrive on ability to create ideas, manage them and as well exchange them for money as services products or directly selling the idea. A lot of people say they need capital and I do not disagree with the fact that the capital is needed but there are different types of capitals. Finance is just one but too many people focus on that instead of starting out with ideas which I refer to as brain capital. When you have money and you don’t have the brain capital you will still be stuck along the line so it is important to look at the value of the business you are doing or you intend to do first from the angle of idea base and then financial base.
When I wanted to publish my first book all I had was an idea. I shared my idea with people and they believed in the idea. When they believed in the idea they took up some responsibilities as well and they provided some of the contacts needed. Before I knew I had found a sponsor. I first had an idea, wrote it clearly in papers and shared the idea with a team. A team is also a form of capital to me that I refer to as human capital because it was the idea that moved the team and the team eventually gave the needed contacts to get the sponsorship. I didn’t start out by looking for money.
To start a business put your brain power to work and with your brain power engage a team that believes in you because the team you have will always be more important than the money you have. When you have no money but you have a strong team you can always get huge funds. With huge funds and no team you will squander the funds in no time because you will spend unnecessarily and most likely, unwisely. Ibukun Awosika, owner of a furniture company started her company by getting a contract from one man, giving it to a carpenter she had known and collecting the money. She paid the carpenters who had worked with her in an uncompleted building and what was left was hers.


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