Brands emanate from mastery | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Brands emanate from mastery | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
When I mention Nokia you will remember it as a brand in mobile phones. When I mention blackberry you will remember it as a brand among smart phones. When I mention HP you will remember electronic products including laptops and printers.
Moving away from physical products, you will also reckon with Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Wole Soyinka and Barack Obama as some of the individuals who can be referred to as global brands.
‘How did you build your brand?’ How can a company build a brand? How can an individual build a brand? How do non-governmental organizations build brands?… These are some of the questions on the mind of so many people who are starting out either in business or some non-profit organizations. They look at you and everything you are doing but do not seem to understand how you are getting on as a brand that everyone has come to reckon with. I think the issue around brand is being misunderstood so much so that some people think that a strong brand is about colours and logos and letter heads and complimentary cards! If you are really interested in building a brand then you must look beyond colours even though I will admit that the colours become very important at some point.
For instance, when you think of Nelson Mandela is there any colour that comes to your mind? When you think about Bill Clinton or Wole Soyinka do you get some pictures in your mind? These are human beings and not products so you may not be able to attach colours to them except if one of them has a favourite colour worn a lot of times. This proves to you that brands are not necessarily about colours of products.
A true brand is built from mastery and not on graphical designs completed on a computer system. What starts the building of a brand is having mastery over the rendering of a service or creation of a product. When people know what you do and do so well then you have started building a brand. When they realize that they bring challenges to you in the field that you claim to be in and you solve the challenges then you are making your brand stronger. When you consistently deliver quality services or consistently make good products available then you are already building a brand. It must be noted that these things emanate from mastering how to do something so well that your name or your product or your service is the first that comes to people’s mind when they think of anything that you are capable of doing.
You should remember that mastery does not jump on anyone. It is about dedicated work and serious research on improving how you do what you do. You must also constantly look at how you can do the same thing in different innovative ways without watering down the quality. Do not be deceived by all the colours you see from other organizations because if you succeed at coming up with wonderful colours and you do not have the substance – mastery of a service or product creation – that people are looking for then you beautiful colours will only stand you out for mediocrity.
Having said all these, you now know that brands emanate from mastery so start today if you have not, and correct the defects if you already have, to build a brand by gaining mastery in something relevant to the society and that will be your strong brand.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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