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For the sake of freedom we all really need to take a look at how we have been living our lives and ask ourselves if we have just been doing things at our own pace or we have been under so much pressure to do everything that all our colleagues our doing and we want to do the same thing in order to feel accepted! Sometimes you see some people around you moving to a side of the town and the next thing you also want to do is to move to that side of the town! When someone buys a type of car you also want to buy that type of car even when it should not be your priority and you probably don’t truly have the means to do that but you struggle to do in order to be seen as one of those who are in vogue! Well the interesting thing about trying to be a part of those who are in vogue is that you may spend all that you have trying to appear ‘up-to-date’ and when all you have is gone then you begin to live in denial!
Have you not seen several people around you who should have no business trying to impress anyone but they are really sweating very hard in order to impress the people who do not even notice them and you wonder why they are doing that! You have to live life at your own pace and not try to impress anyone with the kind of life you live. It’s very important for us to always remember that you have a different goal from every other person and once you have a different goal then you will always have to do certain things differently from other people.
The Yoruba speaking people of Nigeria have a wise saying in their language which can be interpreted as ‘don’t work with other people’s time’ or a more direct interpretation will be ‘don’t look at other people’s clocks before you do your own work’ The idea behind the saying is for you to remember that you are different from that other person and you were not born on the same day. You do not have exactly the same nature and you also have different purposes for you life. You probably have been wired to operate in different ways and once you realize that then you will know that there are certain things that other person may be doing that you cannot do because you are not going in the same direction with that person!
I guess you can picture a scenario where a driver is driving behind another person who going to a long distance. When the driver A who is driving behind suddenly realizes that the driver B in front is driving so fast then he decides to drive very fast in order to overtake while forgetting that he is not going to a long distance and does not even know where driver B is actually going! You get into a competition with someone who is not in a competition with you and does not even notice you yet you feel so satisfied about it and at the end of the day you run past your own destination! There are so many of us today who are competing with those who have not even noticed us and they are just going about their own businesses but we keep struggling to meet them and out perform them!
It’s time for you to stop the rat race of competing with anyone just for the sake of social status regardless of the attention we get! Why must you send your children to schools that you cannot afford because that’s the school the children in the next building are going to and you want to boast to people as well that you send your children to big schools and pay certain amount in fees! Come back to yourself and remember you came into this world alone with no competition. Go about your real business and forget about this unhealthy rivalry that even takes your real focus away from you. Live your own life and stop working with other people’s time!
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