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There are so many things that we have to deal with in life and one of those dangerous things is manipulation. Unfortunately, some of those who try to manipulate us are the closest people to us. We begin to feel compelled to do things that we don’t have to do. We do things just because others say they must be done and not because we feel right about them. If we don’t break free from those manipulations, they hold us bound for long and we would be suffering their consequences before we blink and say jack!
Some people manipulate others into buying products they don’t really need or products that can wait for a while. Have you been in a situation where someone gets so nice that they ask you to even take a product on credit? You feel at ease while they are pushing the product into your hands but just wait till their expected pay day and something happens and you can’t pay them. The niceness disappears and you see another side of the formerly nice person.
What about those who force you to buy cloths? They sell a message to you that makes you believe if you don’t buy that cloth then it probably means you are poor or broke. You are not in their class. They ask you what others will think about you if you son t appear in the same cloths with them. You may be offered the cloths on credit. So you collect and look good in the dazzling colours of CREDIT!
If you are still doing things based on what others think and what others feel then you are still being manipulated. Some political powers are also taking some decisions not because that’s what they would have done but because the actions tally with how they would love to be perceived. They want to be seen as strong or powerful. If they don’t do those things no one sees them as strong or powerful.
You can’t let other people run your life based on their feelings or their emotions. You should not permit others to force you to act in a way that aligns with their own expectations of your or preconcieved ideas. I have seen some people who try to box other people into what they want those people to look like.
We have freedom in life and we must know that freedom goes beyond just being able to walk around freely. It goes beyond just talking and being able to say what you want. Sometimes where you get to known that so many free people don’t actually have freedom is where they don’t live their lives their own way but according to the emotional dictates of another person.
Are you truly free? Is your life devoid of the compelling emotions of others who are placing their expectations of you before you? If you are not here yet you have to break green from every attachment that’s manipulating you into acting their own way or looking their own way. That’s the only way you are completely free.
How long do you want to do something that others say is right even when you don’t like the idea? How long will you do something because it pleases someone else even though it does not please you? You have had enough of being controlled by the tears, wishes and emotions of others. Live your own life.

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