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There are a number of things you can do with the heat or that the heat can do to you. When the heat handles you, it can destroy you if you are not careful but when you handle the heat, you can use it to burn unwanted properties or waste. You can also use the heat to join things that seem to be falling apart. This is the part that I want us to apply to our relationships.
Many of us have always thought that the heat is always bad. The heat is just like the knife. In the hands of no one it is just a knife that can’t do anything. But when someone handles it, it can either destroy or make something look nice depending on the intent and capacity of the person holding it.
For the wrong relationships or those who got into a relationship for a wrong reason, the heat can destroy their relationships. Those who got into a relationship only for money or other gains can feel the heat of the relationship and run away because they are not there ‘for better for worse.’ They are there ‘for better for best.’
In this context I would like you to think about the heat that comes from the iron some electronic guys use when fixing television sets or radio sets. They plug that iron into the socket and they let it heat up for a while. By the time the iron comes out, it is so hot that it can burn the hands of the handler, join things together in the electronic set or separate things. What it does will depend on who is handling it and how well trained the person is to use it for what it was to be used for.
That is why couples need to understand that there will be a period of heat in their relationships. It may not only once while you are still alive and married. I will even suggest that you expect it in different phases of your marriage. It may come before you start having children and it will also come after you start having children. Another phase will be when you start raising the children and paying so many bills. When the children are grown and they’ve all moved out of the house for you, there will be another phase so you will not say it was just because of the children.
What you now do with the heat that comes into your marriage depends on you and your spouse. There will be things or issues and people that will try break your marriage. That’s the heat I am talking about. A few events may happen and they will spark up trust issues. That’s the kind of heat I am talking about. You both, not the money situation or other challenges, have the capacity to decide what the heat will do to you. You can let it bind you together or let it severe you.
I believe that you came together for very good reasons and you will let the reasons for which you came together outweigh any other reason that can drive you apart. Because of that, make up your mind that the heat will always be to your advantage. Decide that the heat will bind you together more and more rather than break the two of you apart. It’s your choice and you can, if you will.
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