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When you turn on the television most times you will see breaking news. You may be in Africa, Asia, Europe or in America but when the television is one, you are certain there will be some breaking news. I don’t know coined that word but the person is right. The kind of news you see on television is always breaking. It breaks your heart, it breaks your business, it breaks your economy. The news we hear mostly breaks something.
If you are not hearing about a bomb explosion somewhere, you are hearing about a plane that has just crashed. Once in a while you even hear about missing planes. So for days the family members of those on board are worried. There is no plane in sight and they are afraid that the worst may have happened to their beloved ones.
As soon as you are recovering from such news, you suddenly hear about one nation fighting the other. There’s the issue of Israel and the surrounding nations. Iraq is always having one issue or the other and Russia is partnering with someone and fighting against the wish of the United States.
On the local television you hear about people being kidnapped every day and some people being used for money rituals or election rituals. At different times some mass burial sites were uncovered. We can go on and one but there is hardly any time that the news will come on that you don’t get the kind of news that really breaks you or someone else.
Even though the world will always give breaking news, most people still choose to turn to the world rather than turn to the word. From inception the word alone was designed to give good news while the world will always be filled with breaking news.
We have been offered the choice to remain with the breaking news or to come to the good news but it just seems really hard for people to leave what’s breaking them for what can actually be making them.
Please remember that the world does not have much to offer you but God has everything to offer you. I strongly urge you to stay with the God who offers you good news. Stop going back to where you only get terrible news that will keep you bound in your soul for years.
What you are looking for in the world is in the word. We are the ones who are allowing a lot of these bad things get to us. The good news is so easy for us to reach and all we need to do is to spend more time listening to it but we don’t most times.
Do you realize that you can be in the middle of all the breaking news and you can still be getting good news? It is your choice. God’s word makes us understand that we are in this world but we are not of the world. That means that we are like ambassadors in another country. The country we are in may be poor and the economy may be terrible. That only affects the citizens of that country. It does not affect you as an ambassador. That’s because your wealth as an ambassador is determined by the wealth in your home country.
So I can say that many of us have left our home country where there is good news (God’s Kingdom) and focused only on the things of the earth where there is only breaking news. Decide today if you want to continue to take the Breaking news or the Good news. God alone offers you the real Good news through Jesus. Come to Him today and let Him give you the peace that passes all understanding.
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