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Over the years some consultants came up with turn around strategies for organisations in order to help those organisations grow so that they can function effectively and some of the turn-around strategies have been tested! When they tried to implement these proven strategies in so many organisations but realized that it was not working, they began to look in another direction just to understand what went wrong either with the principles or the people in the organisation. After a while they realized that it was not the principle that was faulty. It was the people in the organisation that had gotten so involved in their culture that the culture then became a hindrance to the implementation of all the strategies that had been proven to work in other places!
For many businesses and organisations too you will realize that there are so many simple things that should have been done but they will never be done but you wonder why these simple things cannot be done! Just look around and see the negative culture that the people are working with then you will understand why some simple changes cannot be effected in the system. Some of these cultural issues are age-long epidemic and it’s going to be a real fight for you to be able to change them! When you go to different parts of any country you will observe that things are done in different ways and the major influence is the culture so much so that people have taken their culture into their offices and they do not allow some serious things to happen just because they put the culture in front of them!
Sometimes when people are doing the wrong things you will not be able to deal with them or take the necessary disciplinary actions because there’s a culture! At the time the person is doing something wrong no one will see it but when it’s time to deal with the issue they will tell you how what you are about to do is not culturally acceptable in the society so the culture keeps the business down and it does the same thing to our governance, followership and leadership without so many people seeing it clearly!
When you take a look at our system and you compare it to other systems around the world you would realize that there are so many simple things that are in place in other parts of the world and those simple things are not in place here so you just can’t help but ask why? Look around you and you will see the monster called culture that’s not allow us to make any significant progress in businesses places, in the society or the entire nation as a whole! If we are ever going to make any progress with all the visions and missions we are creating we must first of all kill certain things that are mainly culture driven in our systems! When someone is not doing his or her job properly we should not tolerate the person and keep saying that the culture does not allow us to talk to the person anyhow especially if the person in question is older! Nobody will rise to say that the culture forbids you to be irresponsible in your place of work but it does forbid your younger boss from scolding you!
It is time to remove the sentiments of culture from national issues and developmental processes. We need to stop thinking like people from the south or the west or the east or the north! There’s no nation that grows by putting its culture first! We need to think like a nation and not say that this one works in our culture but the other one does not work in the culture! When you take a look at what they say cannot work in the system it’s the things that are not convenient for them. When something is convenient people will just do it but when it requires some extra effort they will start bringing in some excuses and they will sometimes use culture as an excuse!
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