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It is a thing of shame that has almost become a culture for people in business to do things just the way they like and not even remember that there is what we call integrity in business. Apart from business, there are also too many people out there who do not have any integrity and doing anything with them is at your own risk! Why have we taken the very attitude that we used to despise and almost crucify people for as the norm in our society today?
I think we need to break down the word integrity for people to see how simple it is and then we will realize that too many people do not have anything called integrity! The word also means honesty, truth, honour and reliability! There are too many people who are not honest in their daily dealings with people and it’s becoming increasingly hard to do business or any other thing with them. There are those who don’t lie but they still do not have integrity because another word for integrity is reliability. You just cannot rely on them to get things done for you and if you absolutely rely on them to get things done for you then you are done for!
I see so many business people who are pure liars, dishonest and very unreliable people yet they want to remain in business. Some of these people never even care about the fact that their dishonesty is costing some other people something and in some cases money! There are those who have lost customers or clients because they had to do business with some other people who were so dishonest and the dishonesty of the people they called partners made them to also look like dishonest people with their own clients! For some other people who are not so patient and understanding, I can only guess that some people must have landed in jail as a result of the dishonesty of others!
Sometimes you find people complaining that things are not working and the government is not encouraging or that the leaders are thieves but in their own little business corners they are the same people who have collected money and have not done the things they have collected the money for. There are those who have also borrowed money and have vowed never to return the money. It’s not a bad thing to borrow money and in some cases it is possible for things to go wrong even after you have borrowed money but what went wrong is not the real issue! The issue is how have you handled things after something went wrong? Have you been avoiding the calls of those who were gracious enough to lend you money or you changed your phone lines and changed your address so that they will not be able to trace you?
We need to come to terms with the fact that integrity comes as low as telling someone you would finish up a job in a given time and you finish it up in that time! If for any reason you suddenly realize you can’t finish it up then integrity will make you send a message or call the person to let the person know that you will need some more time and you have to give a specific time to finish up. We don’t seem to realize that the more we delay the jobs of other the more they lose money and they could have as well gone to another person to do business! We really need to be very serious with the way we take the affairs of other people and not be so nonchalant about it because our negative attitude is costing someone else something!
When you continue to handle the business of other people the way you like then you will also get into a situation one day when someone else is handling your business anyhow. Always remember that you integrity is costing someone something and it does mean that the person will also lose faith in you! As a business person or even a career person who needs to rise in life you will need people to trust you and also vouch for you but when they cannot then you will slim down your chances of succeeding in life and you may even lose the little things that you already have!
BRING BACK THE INTEGRITY – Honesty, Truth, Honour, Reliability and Uprightness!
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