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A few days back I wrote an article titled ‘switch: from hope to anxiety.’ This topic went on air at Inspiration FM on the platform of Titilayo Oyinsan’s show (Tea break with Titi). I almost can’t believe what has been coming out of it and I have also gotten new ideas for what to write as a sequel to the first one. I have seen, in the past week, how serious anxiety can be for a lot of people and how important it is to help more people tackle it.
There will be so many reasons for you to be anxious in life but it is your responsibility to bring down those walls of anxiety. Some people are building their own walls of anxiety and creating more problems for themselves but you need to bring down those walls. How can you be living in constant fear of what may never happen? Why will you let your future slip just because of what you think might go wrong?
I understand that you are, in some cases, taking the necessary precautions but you should never allow precautions degenerate into anxiety. With precautions you are supposed to take charge but when precautions degenerate into anxiety then you will not be able to take charge. You will eventually lose control.
Maybe we should also think and talk about why anxiety sets in. when we look at some of the things that bring in this anxiety then we can see what we are doing or not doing which increases anxiety in us.
Things that cause or increase anxiety
A first attempt at something causes a lot of anxiety. It can start from your first job to your first child. It could be your first public presentation or a first major project. The anxiety can come because you think you don’t have the required experience to manage the project.
Listening to the wrong people will make you anxious. Those who never encourage you but can easily bring bad news and also exaggerate them will get you unnecessarily anxious.
A sudden realization of losing control over what you thought you can control is a major cause of anxiety.
Inability to meet up with your obligations as a father and husband or as a wife and mother to your family and children can cause anxiety.
Different areas where anxiety can set in include:
Personal life. This is mostly about you and the goals that you have decided to hit. How you live your life and what you do all the time.
Academic endeavours. Some people are anxious about taking examinations or getting degrees so that they can make something meaningful out of their lives.
Work place. Some people are always afraid of their bosses. They can’t look up to them and tell them what they need to say. They may see their bosses coming in one way and they run in the other direction.
Marriage. This is anxiety between couples for the future they hold together or some other things binding them together.
Social Anxiety. I deliberately called this social anxiety because some of us get so anxious just because of what we see others achieve that we have not achieved. Your friend gets a house and you don’t have a house or he has a new ride and you don’t. social anxiety is simply caused by what we think people expect from us based on our level in the society. 
To bring down the anxiety you should:
Check your relationships and be sure you have the right relationships. You need to be in the company of people who are driven by the right motives and also have their self-esteem in place.
Work on your affirmations. Constantly remind yourself of who you are and what you are positively capable of doing. You are not trash. You are important and you can contribute greatly to the society.
Recall past victories. Are there things you have done before that you have succeeded at? Well, you need to use those things to overcome anxiety. Say to yourself how you did it before and how you can do it again and again if you have to. Past victories are important.
Build confidence on your competence. Don’t let anyone throw you down. You have some abilities. Focus some energy on your competence. When you do that you become more confident and the anxiety reduces.
There is no one who will bring your anxiety down of you don’t. In fact, you need to remember than you are in a competition in this world and people will want everyone thing that can keep you behind them to keep working against you.
Go on! Bring down those walls of anxiety. 

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