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It’s no hidden fact that there many people walking on the streets as tankers of ideas. They are so loaded and in fact, some of them are like trucks that have been over loaded and may just turn over at top speed or if it runs into any bump on the road. Why is it that  we have so many people with ideas and only a few people ever bring their ideas to life? Some say so little about their ideas but they do so much while others say so much about the ideas and do so little. Both talking and acting are important for an idea to come to life but the more important thing is bringing the ideas to life! Now I will not want you to be one of those who have so many ideas but get nothing done at the end of the day.
What should we then do to make sure that we daily work towards bringing our ideas to life? Some people may say that the problem is the procrastination they have been involved with all the time. They think that they will be able to move on if they can just get rid of the procrastination. Somewhere along the line, the same people are shocked to see that procrastination was never really the issue. Why were you procrastinating in the first place? It was definitely because of something else. It could be fear of something about the dream or the thought for lack of resources.
Let’s deal with the fear. If you are afraid of something regarding the dream, it will make you procrastinate. I remember a man that I met in 2009 who seems to be successful, at least by the standard of where he lives, and has written a book but he never published the book. He told me he was planning to go and meet the MD of a bank to sponsor the production of the book. I don’t know why he did not go until the MD of that bank died almost two years later. In 2013, I have still not heard a word about that book seeing the light of the day. I know he has a good book. He wants it to come out well or big and make definite profit on it. He’s probably afraid of failing on the project. Unfortunately, if that continues, the book will never be published. This is unlike what I did with my own books. I went all out for the first set of books I printed. They did not bring in the much expected returns and I also did not give up just because of that. I printed the second and went on to print the third! Those books at that time did not yield as much as I wanted but at least they are out there. I got many positive feedback and some of those readers now call me for business. More importantly, my books will be in their library for years!
Many dream really big and unfortunately also expect to start big with those dreams. That’s one major thing holding us back. That is why we are afraid to start and have been procrastinating for as long as we could. It is not that we are not disciplined enough to start working on the dreams but we have really big images that may not allow us roll our sleeves and get down to work.
Apart from those who are sincerely afraid to start small, I have met a number of people who have some great ideas but are afraid that people will steal their ideas. They keep asking questions about copyright and I can tell that their works will never be brought to life if they think more about copyright than the idea itself. While it is not a wrong thing to think about protecting your ideas, you should at least get to work and put in place measures to ensure that your ideas work and are as well protected. The interesting part is that these people who are so concerned about copyright only have their ideas in files stored away somewhere. They have never made a move on that idea.
When I talk to some idealists and have to answer their questions, I keep telling them to just get started. There are a few things you will never be able to figure out until you start. When you even start you will also realize that some of the things you were afraid off were things you should never be afraid off!
Don’t wait to start big! Don’t wait till you are so sure your ideas have some one hundred percent protection before you start anything. Don’t let anything hold you back! Just get started, fix things as they come and bring that idea to life! Never go down in history as a man of many ideas but with no results! Monuments are not built for idealists but achievers.

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