Build your goal around a goal | Fola Daniel Adelesi

  1. One of the easiest ways to be productive is to build your several goals around a main goal. Once you understand this, you’ll realise you can push through with the goals you’re setting without losing momentum and feeling drained. Many people set several unconnected goals and find it difficult to hit any of those goals because they’re dissipating energy in different ways.

Now let’s come to your main goal. What’s the main goal you’d like to achieve in life? Just one major goal! Can you think about it and write it down? Is there a major goal you’d like to achieve before this year runs out? What’s that main goal that can make you feel very fulfilled if you’re able to achieve it this year?
Some may have their main goals around getting additional degrees and others may have their main goal around their finances. For some others, their main goal may be about starting a family. Whatever that main goal is, you then need to put it on top of a paper or note app. Now what are those other goals that you need to achieve for this main goal to become a reality? You have to specify what you’ll be doing daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly for that main goal to be achieved.
If for example you intend to get a professional qualification, which is the main goal, other goals will then include saving up the money to take the exam and reading daily so you can pass the exam. To succeed on the goal of saving up the money, you have to look at your stream of income and decide on what to cut down if you don’t have enough cash flow. You’ll know you’re cutting down the expenses you have just so you can hit the goal of saving up enough money to write the exam. While also saving the money for the exam, you’re studying hard to be able to pass.
Sometimes we don’t hit our goals not because those goals are hard. We simply don’t hit them because we don’t take simple steps consistently. We wait to take one big step and hope that the big step will resolve all that we’ve planned to do. There’s no worth while goal that you’ll be able to achieve with one big leap. You have to plan several leaps towards the final leap that takes you to the goal. One of the several small leaps that you need to take might include going online to gather information, sending an email, making a phone call or visiting someone to get the needed information.
Over the years, I’ve observed a pattern in life. Whenever an issue becomes top priority in my heart and I begin to look for solution, I often meet someone who eventually offers the solution. This started happening long before we had search engines to fall back on for answers. When I make up my mind to do something and I start talking about it, I end up meeting someone who has the information of final solution that I need. This information then helps me to go on to the main goal that I’ve set for myself.
There are goals that you think will cost so much financially and you don’t know how much you’re missing until you start asking questions. I have a big brother who used to have a very good job and he could easily afford to buy a car several years back. Sadly, he didn’t even go out to ask the price of the car that he wanted. Though his salary could easily support buying the car, he kept thinking the car was very expensive and he never bought the car until someone accidentally told him the price of the car.
Now what my big brother did is what many of us are doing. We have a major goal and don’t bother to go all out just to get information first and begin to plan. If you want to move up in life and achieve your desired goals, you’ll have to learn to identify a major goal that needs to be achieved so that you can channel all resources in that direction and build your goals around that major goal.
Don’t just set goals in different areas of your life without identifying your major goal. To start setting goals around your major goal, now is the time to identify the most important goal to you and create all other goals – daily action plans – towards hitting the mail goal.
Your goals are possible and your dreams are valid. Keep working at it and remember to be flexible so you can change strategy to get to your destination in life.

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