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One of the things that make me quickly dissociate from anyone is uttering words anyhow without considering the negative effects of such words. Most times when such words are uttered, we do not know that we are depleting the little energy left in us and the more we use such words, the more we reduce the energy we have in us!
Some people have attempted to say that they are realistic people and they just want to say the reality. Unfortunately, these are also some of the people who profess to have faith! We must understand that the thing called faith is not just a religious word coined by some clerics as a way to make people look away from their present predicaments. Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone in the book, Positive Mental Attitude, did talk a lot about staying positive and using only the right words but when I look at those things critically, they are simply talking about faith. It is about saying what you want to see instead of what you are seeing and that is one great way to build positive energy around you.
If you choose to be ‘realistic’ and keep saying only the things that you see in the physical environment then you will realize that nothing will change for you in the environment because it means you have no expectations! People who do not have expectations have no right to a new manifestation. If you want to see something different from what you have always seen you should not only talk about what already exists! You will have to step out of what you call reality and exercise some faith by saying what you expect and not what you just have in reality.
It has been observed that in life, those who have expectations about a better future or a better life really have nothing to lose even when their expectations are not met. The optimism and expectations keep them going and they seem to live a healthier life because the hope is giving them some positive energy. As for those who do not expect any change or difference, they just live life and mage to get by on daily basis. The lack of faith or expectation for anything probably becomes a poison that they live with for so long a time and it also eats into them.
You cannot afford to live life without some positive energy in you and you build this positive energy by the things you consistently say and do. Even if you do not achieve all, the positive energy keeps you going and one thing is certain. You will achieve more than most of the people who are just living life according to what is available to them and not by what they might be able to pull out from their minds.
The people we call inventors today are people who had expectations and some beliefs in them that they could do something different. What do you think Steve Jobs sounded like when he was dreaming about creating Ipads and Iphones? What do you think Bill Gates sounded like when he talked about having a computer on the desk of every home?
Hope or faith or belief (whichever appeals to you) is not a mirage. That is what some of the world changers have used to build some positive energy and as well make the world a better place. Build positive energy today and change your world!
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