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‘We build very tall buildings but have very short tempers.’ I saw this quotation a few years ago and began to think about it but it suddenly came back to my mind today. There are too many things going wrong today in our lives, businesses, careers, families and a few others not because things just spin out of control and we can’t bring them back easily but because we have not built our muscle of patience! We need to be a lot more patient in life if we are going to live long or get things done and the subject of patience has even become more important at this time because it’s the time when we want everything instantly! We don’t have the patience to even cook the food we eat so we invented the microwave. We don’t have the patience to cook food for a long time so we came up with noodles that can be cooked in two minutes. We don’t have the time to wash so we invented the dish washer and so many other things that can just fix our lives for us in minutes!
We may have been able to create machines as human beings to get certain things done for us but we still have a long way to go as far as our patience is concerned. When it comes to relating with our fellow human beings we are sometimes too much in a hurry that we miss out on the important things they are going to tell us and we just spoil a whole lot of things by impatience. There are some women who have lost their husbands just because they are not patient enough to listen to their husbands and just like that they lose the man to another lady. We also have cases of men who out of impatience have lost some of the most beautiful women in the world to other men who understand the importance of patience.
When you go back into our schools and you take a good look at why some of the students are failing you will realize that it’s nothing so difficult or complicated and you can just tell that it’s impatience! The students want to get out of school the moment they are getting into it and they hardly have the patience to truly absorb what the school has to offer so we end up churning out half-baked students who are barely ready for anything in life. The unfortunate that of being half-baked students is that we end up producing half-baked doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses and many more. On the long run we have people who are supposed to be life savers but are life takers and people who are supposed to be building bridges but they are building death traps and those who are supposed to be keeping people away from prison and helping them get justice but they end up throwing more people in prison and making justice more elusive than imagined.
Have you been to the hospital lately to see the death certificates of so many people just to take a look at what the doctor will write as the cause of death? Well you may have things like ruptured bones and then loss of too much blood but all that’s coming from road accidents! Why do some of them happen? Someone is too much in a hurry to get somewhere or someone is too impatient to wait for the traffic light! Some other people know the speed limit but for them it’s just like an abomination for them to obey speed limits so they must use up all the available speed visible to them on their dashboard.
Too many things are spinning out of control simply because of our impatience and we need to build our muscle of patience to have the disasters checked. Until we build our muscle of patience, we will continue on daily basis to destroy more things and probably even get ourselves killed. I must admit that sometimes it can be sweet to get things done in an impatient manner but impatience does not announce to you when it’s going to kill you!
While you still have the chance, I will advise you file for divorce with impatience and get married to patience then build your muscle of patience because a whole lot of things can fall into place just by being patient and you must remember that patience is not foolishness even when it looks like it is!
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