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Younger people and a few older ones who are going into public speaking have asked me severally, how do you get your speaking engagements when you want to go into public speaking? The answer seems farfetched to a lot of people but its in a simple principle that works around us all the time and in every day. Your first business product will probably be sold to that person who has always known you!
If you keep the last sentence in mind then you will be able to get something started on building a network. For a lot of people you may not be selling a product. You may be rendering a service and that is where it really becomes necessary for you to render your first service to someone who has always known you. I have always been in the speaking line since I was a teenager and I actually got my first speaking opportunity before I was ten. As a teenager I had more regular speaking opportunities in my secondary school and both students and teachers saw my presentations. One day I got a call from one of the English teachers in the school but didnt really know what to expect. The best on my mind was that I would get another assignment and it was indeed another assignment only that this time, it was the assignment that gave expression to the abilities in me. He wanted me to speak in an organization that he belonged to at the time. I was a little surprised but it was something I had always looked forward to so I jumped at the opportunity.
The way it works in public speaking is that you get a chance to speak somewhere, you use it very well by putting your best into the content and delivery then you get another chance to speak in another place. One presentation leads to another request to deliver a presentation in another place. It is also the same in rendering some other services. When you render a good service in a place, the good service gets you a recommendation and you have another opportunity to render a good service. When you focus on the quality of service at every opportunity you get, it is very likely that you will get another one. It is very true that I have had a lot of speaking engagements by being on television and through some of the adverts that I have done but the truth is still that the ones that have come so easily and without too many questions on reliability are those that came from recommendations.
To build a network, render one good service to a person or sell one good product to a person. You can be so sure that you will get a request to do it again. Someone once said that in public speaking, the way you know you have not performed well is when you speak in a place and you get invited again. As much as this is so true to an extent, I will say that it may not mean you have done badly in some places if you dont get invited again. The key lesson is that you must render your service so well to get a repeat business with the people you are doing business with. I remember speaking in so many places and people walk up to me after speaking to say, we have a programme coming up and would want you to be there. This has happened to me severally. I go for television presentations a lot and as soon as the programme is done the presenters start saying they want me to come back. There was one television presentation I went for in December 2008 and by the time I was done the presenter wanted me to keep coming back. Between January 2009 and February 2010 I went back to that TV station for 55 TV presentations.
From all that I have said so far, I am trying to show you that excellence or a consistent consciousness of quality service will constantly increase your network because when people taste something good, they want it again!
Your first true step in building a network is to ensure that you are a consistent and guaranteed performer at what you do!
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