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Hello friends! I hope you are not just making money in what you do? it is important to make money but I think more importantly about making impact or leaving lasting impressions in the heart of the people i meet rather than just collect their money. You never can tell. The reason you will be able to collect my money at another time may not be because you are the only one who deserves it but may be you are the only one who has touched my heart. 
I guess you have found a reason to make noise about your business following my last article. This time I do not want you to just make noise about your business but I want you to make sure you keep the people who heard the noise about your business. You need to keep them because you need to keep making the noise about your business into their hears but that is not the only reason you need to keep them.
Making noise without result is as good as waste of time and waste of resources. I once heard a pastor, Pastor Siyanbola, say that there are two kinds of wasters and that they are the wanderers and the squanderers. They both are wasting something but the difference is that the wanderer is wasting time while the squaderer is wasting resources.
Making noise about your business and remaining inaccessible is as good as being both a wanderer and a squanderer at the same time. What is this business accessibility all about. It’s simply about your availability to the people who need your service or product. Availability in this context is not just about opening a business in an office and expecting people from all walks of life to troop in at any point in time. A lot of people do publicity and don’t get results for their publicity simply for one reason. How can you advertise without a feedback forum? How can you publicize a product or service and not tell the people how to reach you?
How can you do business with people and still be restricting who gets your complimentary cards or phone numbers and addresses. If you are to continue doing this I bet you will never really be able to tell the real person who needs your complimentary cards so you might just keep giving it to the wrong people no matter how big they look if you keep selecting who gets your card!
When I go to places to speak I boldly put my phone numbers on the articles that would be distributed because I may not have the time to make the necessary noise but I sure have the opportunity. When people see the sign posts of your organization or any sticker belongin to your organization in any place I can easily tell you that nothing disgusts them as much as realizing there is no way they can get back to you after reading a very fascinating appeal from your advert copy writers or Public Relations’ consultant.
The only effective way known till date in doing business with results is not only to have your business advertised but to advertise where you can be found for transactions. So long as you keep advertising your business, keep advertising your emails, phone numbers, fax, postal address and office address.
Do not forget that the reason you are advertising is because you want to be reached and you want to sell your product or service so do it now.
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