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There are too many people out there who think that they are already doing what they should be doing but their best right now is nothing but what you can call mediocrity. The unfortunate part is not that they are doing things at the level of mediocrity but that they are also celebrating the mediocrity that they are involved in right now?
Many may never even accept that they are mediocre until you break down the simple meaning of mediocrity to them. Remember that mediocrity simply means average! Just trying hard to remain in the middle and not striving to do more or be exceptional.
You know that there is more to what you are doing right now but you choose not to do more than that because there is no one around you who is doing more than that. It’s simply mediocrity. Although it is not in business alone that people are showing mediocrity, I just want to focus on that for now.
People may be acting average in their personal lives or their daily pursuits and unconsciously take that into the businesses that they are doing. Business mediocrity just makes you another business out there that wants to make money.
It does not matter what kind of business that you intend to start. If the sole purpose of that business is to make money and nothing more, then you are already a mediocre and you have just started the business mediocrity.
When you decide to run a business the things you do must be more than efforts to just make money. You have to be solving the problems of people around you and make sure you are adding value to them.
There are so many people out there who are just selling. They buy and they sell. That’s all they do. You have to go beyond just buying and selling. You need to find how and when you can transform the lives of the people you are either buying from or even selling to. Sometimes it is not just your business acumen that makes people want to sell to you or buy from you. it is the extra mile, the mile beyond average and the effort beyond mediocrity that they recognize in you that makes them want to sell to you or do more business with you.
If you remain an average person in your business and just concern yourself with the money you will make, it is possible that you make some money. In some other cases, you may not even make the desired money and you find yourself struggling with it. Just when you start doing the extra things and doing your business the excellent way, you see that those other things you have been running after just fall into place.
How have people been stuck with mediocrity in their businesses?
Lack of vision – For the business, the people in it or any other thing you do.
Unwillingness to change – change yourself or your strategy.
Engaging the wrong people either as associates or employees.
Focusing on money alone in your business dealings.
Making the common standard of others your standard.
Refusal to learn new things and thinking that what you know is sufficient.
I’d like to challenge you. You may think that you are not a mediocre but ask yourself. In the last one year is there something new that you have introduced into the way you do business? If yes, how well has it been integrated to drive the business to a new level and serve the clients better?
Maybe you passed the one year test easily. So the next one is when last did you do something new within the last six months? The drive to change has to be there. They may not be drastic changes and this does not mean you must be changing everything without thinking. There are to be changes and the changes must drive progress.
Check the business you are doing today and how you are doing it. Are you into the real business or into the business of mediocrity? 
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