Calling requires an acquired skill – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Calling requires an acquired skill | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
Someone can be anointed to preach but you always have to recognize the fact that what you have is the anointing to preach and it is not the same as the capacity or the skill to preach! When this is kept in our minds then a lot of things will not go in the wrong direction and I must say that it is not only for preachers! I only used preaching as an example for you to get the first hit point in this message.
When you are anointed or called to do something, please be informed that the calling is about a supernatural ability to do it without struggling and it do it better than others. When you start whatever you are supposed to do you will have more results in a short time compared to others because you have the anointing to do it but it is important to say that no matter how anointed you are you need to acquire some skills for what you have been called to do if not you will constantly mess up the anointing over your life.
A man can be so anointed but if he refuses to develop his skills, he will get so frustrated by the results he will see and can also begin to doubt his anointing. I have seen a lot of people who want to work strictly by the anointing that God has given to them but they have forgotten that nothing comes completely in the raw form!
Receiving a call from God or getting His anointing is like getting gold in its raw state. It will be your responsibility to process the raw gold until it is totally refined and ready for sale. We must recognize the fact that the reason God will not give us the call, the anointing and the skills all at the same time is because He needs us to undergo a process. I have a call of God upon my life and that means He has anointed me to do something specially but I still had to go to school like every other person, learn how to speak and learn how to relate with people. Where the anointing now works for me is that the things I have learnt are things I do better than even those who were in the same class with me when the teacher was teaching.
I plead with you never to leave your calling strictly to the anointing of God over your life. You will be frustrated if you do that. Even the Bible tells us, study to show yourself approved unto God. A work man that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth and in it also tells us, Do you see a man who is diligent in his works? He shall stand before Kings and not before mean or ordinary men. These are pointers to the fact that you cannot afford to go about shouting that you have been called and you have been anointed when you are not developing your skills.
You need to look at the call of God over your life and ask questions about what relevant skills will present your anointing to a global platform because the level of skills you acquire will determine if you remain a local champion or a global champion. We cannot deny the fact that the call and the anointing will always be global but they need globally relevant skills to go around the globe. Regardless of how anointed or heavily called you are, build a skill today!
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