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For some people, it may not sound well to talk about having several mentors. A few others are in doubt as to whether they can have several mentors. ‘Why should I have several of them’ some people ask. I have established in some other articles that having a mentor can compress time for you in life. They can demystify things for you and you can move faster in life. It is now very important to look at if you should have more than one and why.
If you have not read any of my previous articles talking about mentoring you may read a recent one titled ‘Gleaning from mentoring’ on Most of the great men I have seen that I am now looking up to either as role models or as mentors are people who have several mentors. When I noticed that they had several mentors I also realized it was not just for fun. There was something very important that made it necessary for them to have several mentors and it is working for them.
Many people today talk about having multiple streams of income. Why do they say you need to have multiple streams of income? It is because the income from one angle may drop or flow in trickles but you can fall back on those other ones. When you have several mentors, it also means you are feeding from different rich sources. It helps you to feed well and you are not malnourished.
Specific benefits of having several mentors may include:
1. You have much more to learn from.
2. It is possible to run faster with more light and energy as provided by those mentors.
3. Having several mentors gives you a proper balance in life.
4. If you are a professional in different fields, you will need industry mentors because a mentor’s experience may not be relevant in another industry
To further buttress the issue of industry mentors, you will agree with me that a mentor of yours who is a professional life coach cannot coach you to become a pilot if he has not been trained to be a pilot! A pilot might be able to train you as a life coach but any other life coach will have to be trained as a pilot before training others.
Beyond the industry training, mentors also differ in experience and exposure. If you limit yourself to a local mentor you are most likely going to localize your dreams, exploits and ultimately your future. When you extend to mentors who have vast experience home and abroad or international mentors, they can also open you up to operating at an international level.
Even when your mentors are in the same industry, you still need that balanced view of life or a richer power gathered from them. You will agree with me that the engine of a car is the power house of the car but without tyres, the engine cannot move an inch. The car was designed to move on those amazing rubbers! A small car with tyres will move while a very big car without tyres will just remain grounded.
What that tells you is that having several mentors is like having tyres on your cars. You also know that you cannot have only one tyre! You will need at least four tyres to start moving and you will also have a spare in case anything happens to the ones you are using at the moment. If anything happens to the one you are using, you just bring out the spare and continue the journey! Sometimes, because your mentors are human beings, you may lose one and you can still have the others.
Having said all that, let me remind you that the Bible says in Proverbs 11:14 ‘Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.’ The wisdom of your mentors that comes to you in form of counsel provides safety for you. Nevertheless, you should choose carefully and be sure the people you call mentors are not oppressors. Enjoy your mentoring relationship.     

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