Can we control tomorrow – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

Do you really think you have a control over your future or do you think you can control tomorrow? Do you think there are just too many circumstances around you that will not allow you control the future or you also think only God can control your future? Do you think a witch has the capacity to turn things around or you think that a herbalist also has the power to turn things around?
Sometimes I look at people who seem to be helpless because they think they are disadvantaged and they think all of their lives are dependent upon some forces they probably cannot control. For those who think God controls tomorrow and everything about their lives I only have something that differs from your religious belief without sounding hypocritical or heretic. From the study of my Bible I know so well that that there are two things God will control and we probably have about 8 things left to ourselves to handle.
The first thing God will control is to give you a “pre-destination” and the second thing God will control is to give you a “chance to see tomorrow.” God controls your predestination because he decides your purpose here on earth and decides what you look like as it best suits your purpose. He also decides your temperament as it can best help your purpose in life. Let me be quick to say that as much as God decides your destination in life he stays back to let you “WALK THE WALK.” He tells you what to do and does not force it down your throat. He shows you where to go but still gives you a choice. He became so vocal about it when he said, ‘I have placed before you this day life and death.’ He wants life for us but he told us the other option. It is HIS responsibilities to design our lives but it is our responsibilities to match the design.
God also gives us a chance to see the next day and the day after and the day after that one. He keeps giving us that chance to match into the picture that he has for us but he will never force some daily routines down on us. We choose the daily routines that we observe despite the fact that we cannot choose to wake up on that day.
The decisions that will determine your destiny are the decisions you will make. The little habits that will lead to your destiny or destruction are the habits that you have cultivated over the years. God does not choose for you the books you are reading or have read that can shape your perception of life. God can show you where to go but not so many people have gone there to do exactly what God expects them to do. A professional field may be suggested to me as the field that can help me achieve my purpose in life but it is my responsibility to go into that field and also understand that I am not going into the field just to make money. It is my responsibility to ensure that I go into the field and make something out of the field and still impact people.
From all that you have read you will see that God will predetermine what you can become and allow you live to become it but all the little things that lead to becoming it are things that you can choose to follow or choose not to follow.

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