CAN WE DO WITHOUT SEX? (2)- Fola Daniel Adelesi

The emotion of youth, and human beings generally is like a wandering specie that never stays where it senses insecurity or where the friendliness of the atmosphere does not measure up to it’s expectation.
What insecurity do the youths sense that makes them opt for sex as a way out or where have they sought friendship and the friendship is not given in the required measure? A lot of people have had the opportunity to be involved in a sexual intercourse but why don’t they decline that so called opportunity?
Many at times parents do not want to agree that they are directly or indirectly promoting their children’s involvement in sexual intercourse but this is not supposed to be an avenue to fix any blame. What I’m interested in is to bring out some of the things that we do that we do not know can affect people around us negatively, especially the parents and their children.
I have come to realize that very many young folks who are in a relationship got into the relationship at a time when they were deeply hurt. The problem now is that a girl who is trying to overcome her hurt has just met a guy who is also running away from depression. The guys in this case mostly win these ladies through self-pity. All they do is emphasize what they are running from and the lady, after an appraisal of the guy’s story, begins to present her own hurting heart.
Probably not very many people have realized that they got into a relationship with a lady or a guy they were trying to help out of a situation. Two people with poor emotions have met and the kind of consolation that follows a physical consolation, usually starting with a pat on the back. The two parties may withdraw immediately so that no one thinks the other is taking advantage of him or her.
Nagging parents usually dent this bit of morale or satisfaction that the opposite sex has given when these youths return to their houses. They complain about everything and they never praise anything about their children. These parents who are now perfectionists make their young boys and girls or even the class that is now regarded as young adults to think more about the time spent with the opposite sex. From there they look forward to another meeting and they often want to make the most of the time they are looking forward to. They want to keep body contact for a longer time and you and I know that body contact mobilizes the erogenous zones in our body.
Youths are more sensitive to people who make them happy and they never want to be far from such people. If parents are reading this, I will advise they make their children understand things in a mild tone instead of complaining. Extol the great qualities in your children instead of placing more emphasis on their mistakes.
Every young person is fighting to be accepted so your nagging could be termed as rejection and you unintentionally push him or her into the hands of people experiencing the same thing they are going through – opposite sex. Let every young person also note that another person’s action never justifies your own action so you have to focus on what you do with all interest when you are hurt.

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