Cardinals of the process | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

There are many things that will make your process before result a successful one. However, there are some I refer to as cardinals that must be taken seriously. These are the things you should never joke with so that you can make the most of the process that you are going through in life.

If you go through any process and you do not pay attention to these cardinals then you may have wasted that entire process. If you go through the process without paying attention to these cardinals, you may complete the process but not get the right results. The results you get from a process will not just surface at the end of the process. What happens during that process and what you make of those things in the process will determine your result after the process.

To make the most of your process, I am certain you need to pay attention to the following:

  1. People – During a process, you will always have different types of people around you. You will have the cheer leaders. They will be there too keep encouraging you. You will have the helpers and you will have the stoppers. The helpers will come at different times to support you and the stoppers will also come at different times to try to stop you. People will always be important and there is nothing you can do to change that. People will not become God but God will always use people for you. You have to be careful not to only look out for big people that you think can help you when there are so many seemingly insignificant people out there who have been sent out to help you. There are times when we think our help will come from a “big man” but the help we need is already in the hand of the “small men and women” around us. You can’t take people for granted because when you do, you are short changing yourself. Stop looking out for either big or small men. Just pay attention to the roles that people are playing in things that affect your life or the roles they are willing to play. Forget what these people look like physically and just be sensitive to the assignment that they have come to play in your life. In the Bible, Jesus prayed for the same Peter that the devil tried to stop. God helped Joseph who would have been stopped by his brothers.
  • Places – Places are almost as important as people when you go through a process. If you are in the wright place, you will find the people to help you. When you are in the wrong place, nothing works and the people don’t care who you are or what happens to you. In some cases, the right place will not look like the right place. However, that place that does not look like the right place is the place for you at that time. That’s where you need to be to meet the people that have been prepared to help you. You are also in those places for a short while and for a reason. If you are in a hurry to leave those places, you may miss out on your process entirely. While you are where you are, please make the most of it. Pay attention to the things around that will shape your life in future. Don’t just be in a hurry to get out of that place without the lessons inherent in the place. Remember, the place can be as important as people. For the Israelites, Goshen was a temporarily place of relief. The wilderness wasn’t pleasant but they had to go through it to get to Canaan.
  • Encounters – You will have some specific encounters that will either make or mar your life. These encounters can be with people or places. There will be wonderful occurrences and there will be strange occurrences. These encounters don’t come blaring horns to announce their arrival. They mostly come unannounced. These could be brief moments with people where they say something that can be life transforming. These encounters could also mean being somewhere and you meet someone that you need for the rest of your life. Sadly, it could also meet being somewhere and you meet someone that you don’t need, allow them into your life and let them mar your life.
  • Experiences – While we can say that a sum total of all we go through, the people we meet and the places where these things happen are the experiences of human beings, you must understand that in processes there will be special experiences. There will be experiences you must never forget because it is the events or lessons of those experiences that you need to forge ahead in life. Some of the experiences you have now will be all you need to turn your life around and if you don’t pay attention to those experiences, you will not be able to apply them when the time comes. Experiences make us better people only if we pay attention to them and learn to use them as spring boards to the next level in life.

From now on, you should pay special attention to these cardinals. Watch the people around and the people you meet. Pay more attention so that the process can be a fruitful one for you.

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