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For a while you will have to permit me to play with your old mindset. Perhaps, breaking it and remoulding a new one. Maybe some months down the line or years you will come back to say thank you. But it’s okay! It’s not the appreciation that matters to me. What matters is the real change in your life. A lot of people secretly wish to have more money. When they get more they still desire to get more. Then they probably get more and still need more! Why is that? It’s simply because it is not more money that will make you wealthy! Are you shocked?
Too many people just think that they will be wealthy when that they comes and they have a lot of money. But their current reality is probably that they have a job that pays them salary and their salaries are always eaten up by responsibilities. Suddenly they start hoping for a better job with a bigger pay. Some people get the better join with better pay but a few months down the line they realize that they have grown into the new status. They have bought the things they could not afford before and are living a new large life so the money is. Not enough again!
Don’t be deceived anymore. If your mind cannot conceive wealth then you will not become wealthy no matter how much cash flows through your hands. I remember someone once said, ‘if a man with experience meets a man with money, the man with the experience will go home with the money and the man with the money will go home with experience.’ Now that’s more like a simple way of saying that if wealth is in your mind it will not take too long for you to attract it. If wealth is not in you mind, you can make all the money in the world but you will still lose it.
Another person once proposed that if we gather all the money in the world together and put it in one place then gather everyone together to distribute the money evenly, it will only be a matter of time before the poor people return to being poor and some people return to their wealth. Why do you think that will happen? It will happen because it is not the physical cash that makes you wealthy. What makes you wealthy includes the experience that you have or the knowledge that you have gathered.
What ideas do you have in your mind that if people were to pay for would fetch you a lot of money? Or what do you have in your head that can change your status five years from now? Your cash flow is really important but you must think about the very thing that will sustain it and more importantly multiply it.
Take a look at all the rich people in the world today, while it true that some of them may have I merited wealthy, you need to see that there is one major idea that is keeping them wealthy! Computer ideas are keeping Bill Gates wealthy. Stock investment is keeping Warren Buffet wealthy. As for Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is the idea keeping him wealthy. You can think about Dell, HP, Walmart, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Starbucks, Inter switch, MasterCard, twitter, wordpress, google, linkedin and so on. What really keeps them wealthy is an idea not the fact that they had some cash before.
If you are trully going to become wealthy, you must have an idea that you are nurturing and running. When that idea is clear to you and you also know how to either communicate or sell it to others, it wouldn’t take too long before the ideas move from your head into your bank account!

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