Celebrate yourself! | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you do not celebrate yourself then you leave others little or no chance for them to celebrate you so you must first of all begin to celebrate yourself without waiting for the approval of others on your life.
When you understand who you are and you know the value of God’s deposits in your life and how relevant you are to this world then you will celebrate yourself. You celebration does not have to be tied to your current realities because what you have in front of you right now may not look like someone that needs to be celebrated or that can ever be celebrated. You just must see yourself being celebrated before you can ever get there.
There’s hardly anyone being celebrated today who does not have a measure of confidence in what they can do or have at one time or the other envisioned how others will celebrate them but much more than that, they have also celebrated themselves and that is why it is not hard for others to celebrate them.
Look beyond the gloomy situation around you today and see the brighter side of life. See the celebrity in you and talk about it. Don’t only talk about the celebrity in you, talk about it with some huge confidence and let the people around you know that you are not ready to settle for mediocrity.
When you begin to celebrate yourself then you are ready for celebrations by people around the world. Go out there now and celebrate yourself because you are indeed a celebrity.

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