Change in your environment – Fola Daniel Adelesi

It’s high time we realized that change is the only constant thing and we must keep changing for things to remain comfortable for us in the society. The ultimate reason for change is not necessarily for things to be comfortable for us but to make sure we are living in an ideal society.
If we do not take responsibility and begin to plan change in our environment then the environment will naturally change by tending towards the negative areas. Be informed, in case you have not observed that it is not normal for things to change positively in any given environment but it is very normal for those things to change in the direction of negative things. You must have heard that the only thing we need to do for evil to prevail is for good people to keep quit.
We have heard too many people keeping quit in how communities and that is why things must go wrong. We have heard too many people watching the change that they should be a part of and that is why the change is not going in the expected direction. Is is not enough for us to say that we want to see change. We must take actions towards the desired change and there a few steps to take in any area where changes need to be carried out. First you must understand that there could be a calm approach to changing whatever needs to change and in some extreme cases the change needs to be radical but non-violent. When change becomes violent its purpose will be misunderstood and it will result in unexpected crisis.
The first and the most important step in carrying out change is for the change agent to have changed. If you need to stop corruption you must have stop it in your private life. If you need to stop an abnormally in your society then you must be sure you are not promoting it in any way. When you are not a part of the abnormally then it will be easier for you to voice out against the people fuelling the change in the direction. You need guts and gumptions to be able to change anything and you need to know that there will be confrontations as a result of the fact that you want to change things. Because of some of my readers who do not know so much about the corruption saga in Nigeria I want to make references to Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. This was the man who was appointed by President Olusegun Obasanjo to head the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. At first we all taught it was going to be business as usual where a committee is set for show by the government. Low and behold it was serious business. For the first time in Nigeria, corrupt people, no matter how big they were – Governors of states, Ministers in Federal Government, Senators, Commissioners in State houses – were dragged to court and were subject to public ridicule.
The peak of it all, for me, was when the Inspector General an officer whose rank is the highest in the force where Ribadu was still serving as a deputy commissioner of police was dragged to court in hand cuffs and sent to prison for taking public funds. It may not be easy to sustain the change you will start but you have to prepare your mind because mediocrity will fight back. It will not only fight, it will fight tough.

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