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I can imagine the very high expectations right now from Nigerians towards the new government and especially the President elect. I have started seeing posts about what people expect him to fix and very soon, I will add my voice to theirs to make a list of what I expect from the new government. However, I want to say that the change will not be instant.
Yesterday I saw a video of the President elects interview with a BBC correspondent and one of the questions was about how he will be able to make changes. The first thing he said was to remind the people that the problems we are facing have been there for years. That of insecurity has been allowed to degenerate in the last six years so he should not be expected to perform miracles in just few months after assuming office.
However, the President elect has said he will do his best with the cooperation of Nigerians and keep to his promise. Even without him saying that I have already said to some people that there will be changes but the changes will not be instant.
One of the most famous interviews I had recently was with Lagos Television on their A.M Saturday Live show presented by Ajibola Ojesola and Busola Kukoyi. They had a former Commissioner for information in Lagos, Mr. Dele Alake and a sitting Senator of the Country representing the All Progressives Congress, Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon on that set. These two gentlemen belong to the same party and where seriously advoting or canvassing for General Muhammadu Buhari.
I had nothing against their candidate but I still tackled them during that interview because I feel that the way they went about their campaign was faulty and they focused on the personality they were selling rather than the party, structure and what they were going to do for Nigerians.
There are several other papers focusing the things I expected to mention on the show but they did not. Instead, they just kept saying everything will change once General Buhari wins the election. I disagree with that. He has a stand against corruption and several other things but he is no longer the military young man we knew thirty years ago.
He could make decree thirty years ago but this time he will need the consent of the national assembly to even make a simple law. Thankfully his party has won majority of the Senate which is where the big issue was but I need you to see that the process will be a little longer. Things will get done but it will not be instant.
If there will be any instant change then the President elect will be breaking laws to make that happen and the opposition will have a filled day. Then in the next election All Progressives Congress might be booted out just as we are booting out the Peoples Democratic Party.
Dont get me wrong. There will be changes and I think everyone already knows that. We have a president who will not just sit and watch until everything degenerates into a chaos. We also have a Vice President who is a Professor of law, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and one of the senior pastors with the largest church in Nigeria, The Redeemed Christian Church of God. More importantly, they have shown us a campaign that was well planned and thought through.
The take home for you and I in this piece is that the change we seek has come but we should not expect that everything will change overnight. Interestingly, the people who never believed in the President elect have started demanding change since he promised change. In fact, I foresee them being irrationally impatient with the new government and jumping to conclusions before anything can be done.
Nigerians, we did well in this last process of democracy but we should not expect any instant change. 
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