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I have heard these words before and I hope you would have heard them before but it hit me hard a few days ago when I was traveling and it happened to me. The words are ‘traveling fast in the wrong direction.’ I was to be the Master of Ceremony at an event and because it was out of town I needed to drive down a day before and to also get to the venue in good time. Somewhere along the line, I missed a turn! The moment I missed the right turn that should have led me to my destination, I began to travel really fast in the wrong direction.
One of the things about traveling in the wrong direction is that when you start traveling in the wrong direction you may never know. Sometimes the only reason you will know that you are traveling in the wrong direction is that you are no longer familiar with where you are in. At other times you just might be speaking to someone and hoping they can lead you to where you are going and they break the bad news to you. From what I have said so far, you can deduce that sometimes you will be able to know on your own that you are on the wrong road and sometimes you will need other people to tell you that you are on the wrong road.
Jim Rohn said, ‘You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.’ No matter how long you have been traveling in the wrong direction or how fast you have done so, you will never arrive at the right destination. To arrive at the right destination you will need to change you direction. There are some of us who seem to be having it all good and we must be careful. It is possible that things look smooth for now because you are on the wrong path but you will soon know that you are on the wrong path! It could also be that things are now tough and will only change when you are on the right path!
You will have to ask yourself where you have gone wrong so that you can set things right! Are you on the wrong path as far as your academics are concerned? Have you taken some wrong decisions about your family or spouse? Could it be that your career is the major thing helping you travel fast in the wrong direction!
It is important for you to remember that you will always lose some precious times when you travel in the wrong direction and you need to think serious on what could be the wrong direction in your life! Your wrong direction can be the man or the woman you are about to marry or the one you already married because you did not listen to other people.
Just spare some time now and take a good look at your life! Do you think that the direction in which you are traveling right now will lead you to your destination? If your answer is no or that you are not sure then you have to decide tonight what your destination is and what direction you need to take for you to get to that destination. Set your direction now and live by it because it is your life! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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