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Just some days ago when I was going for a meeting, I went by public transportation and something happened which validated a thought I was holding for days and planning to write about. I was looking out through the window at night and I noticed the ‘dull headlamps’ of several other cars on the other lane. I focused on a particular car and was wondering why the headlamp was that dull. I then looked at a few others and they all looked dull too.
Just when I leaned forward a bit, I saw the same set of headlamps looking very bright. Wait a minute! What’s happening here? I saw the same set of headlamps looking dull just now. How come they’ve suddenly become bright? Then I realized I was looking through a coloured glass before. It wasn’t the headlamps that were dull. It was the coloured glass through which I saw them that gave them a different colour. When I looked at the same headlamps through another glass in the same vehicle, I saw the bright headlamps. I saw correctly. I saw the proper thing when the glass changed.
That’s the same way many of us need to change the lens through which we are looking at life. If we don’t change the lens then we are going to keep seeing the wrong things. While seeing the wrong things, we will assume that we saw correctly and it is those other people or things that need to change. And the truth is that we are the ones who need to be humble enough to change the less through which we are looking at things in life.
It is for the purpose of better visibility that we always have to clean our windscreens before setting out daily. The same should happen in life. Too many people set out daily in their personal lives without cleaning the windscreens through which they will see the issues of life. For this reason, they don’t see what they need to see or they see the wrong things. The best case scenario for them is that they see the right things in a distorted view.
You also have to change the lens through which you view life if you need to get something out of life. Many times before a camera man takes a shot, he has to clean or change the lens he is using. If he doesn’t clean his lens sometimes, he will see the wrong thing. So why does a camera change his lens?
A lens is to be changed when:

  • That lens no longer aids visibility as it should
  • You need to zoom in on a distant object and need better zoom capacity
  • An action is going on and you need to capture that action
  • Seeing the image to be shot in a better view

Just as a camera man needs to change the lens of a camera for a better view, you needs to change the lens of life for a better and balanced view. You also need to change the lens through which you see things if you have a great vision. That’s what the camera man does when he has a distant object. He changes the lens for a better zoom capacity. So you also need a better zoom capacity for your vision to be crystal clear.
You also have to change your lens in life when everything seems to be moving too fast. If you want to take the image of a man who is running or actively involved in some sports, you don’t use the lens you would have used for a man who is standing still. The man who stands still can be told to look into the camera. He is the one focusing on the lens and you can get him to say cheese. But when you need to take the shot of the man on the field, you better bring a better lens out. It has to be the lens that can capture motion. The man on motion is not focusing on the camera. You are the one focusing on him. It is usually a bad picture when you take the picture of a man on motion with the wrong lens. At that point the photographer says to the person in the picture, ‘you shook your hand.’ That’s why the picture is blurred. Well, if you had a better lens, the position of the hand would have been capture properly!
Do you want a better result in life? Please change your lens in order to see well. When you see well you will do better things.

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