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The crowd that troops to our very many churches littering all the streets in Nigeria, as it may be the case in other countries, is very intimidating especially on Sundays. I sincerely have no issues with the crowd save for the fact that we don’t seem to be maximizing the numerical strength that we have. Millions are recorded in attendance on Sundays and all the gorgeous, resplendent, amazing and saint like folks who show up in church have no impact on anyone around them from Monday to Saturday. I also think it has gone as bad as having people who are only weekend pastors. From Monday to Saturday they are not different from any other person in the community but they mount the pulpit on Sunday and they preach to the people.
For me it is always disheartening to see that the church is not making as much impact as it should. Imagine that we have several churches with at twenty thousand people in attendance every Sunday. If everyone in that church heard the real word of God and they made use of it, what do you think will be the impact of these people in their society? We should not be looking for the people who will change this nation or the right people to lead all the systems that we have. Unfortunately we are still looking for the right people because so many people only mark their attendance in church every Sunday and barely remember the things they were taught or the things they are supposed to make use of.
To an extent I do not think that it will be the fault of the church members though they are not excluded from the blame sharing here. I think that so many of the churches and pastors or other leaders do not have in place a Practical Impact Strategy (PIS). Some of the people who are church leaders today can only be said to have experienced some accidental church growth and the next thing on their mind is that this is a great breakthrough for them. Since they have only seen the population explosion as breakthrough for them, they only keep the population so that they can remain rich, influential and to some extent, powerful. We need to raise new leaders with a different mind set. They must be leaders who will not see the population explosion of the church solely as their breakthrough but as a platform to impact the nation. Imagine having a hundred families attending your church on weekly basis. If you have access to hundred families each week with at least three people in each family then you are already talking about three hundred people. These three hundred people will also have a ripple effect in the society.
Before we get too carried away with the impact some church leaders are supposed to be making that they are not making, let me remind you that if you go to church every week you also have a great role in changing the nation. The church was designed to be the change agent for the nation. Any church that is not affecting the nation in any way is already failing in one of its major responsibilities. The impact of the church must be felt through the individual activities of the members and the collective effort of the church.
If our church leaders or pastors are truly teaching us the undiluted word of God on daily basis then we must be a reflection of that in the society. We must be different in our places of work and on the street. We cannot afford to keep mute when things are going wrong. We should not watch the nation plunge into the ditch of eternal destruction when we are in the position to act quickly. I think that most Christians have been deluded to think that they will only be judged by their individual work at home and in the church but they do not know that their negligent attitude towards the nation’s survival.
I just want to remind you today that you are a part of the church and the church is a change agent. You must therefore act in your own little way and consistently to change things in your environment and in the nation at large. It is not enough for us to go to church every Sunday and selfishly get all the pastor’s pronounced blessing while keeping it to our family alone.
Act today and be the change agent that you are supposed to be!
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