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I sat in the car looking at a big generating set that a non-profit organization uses to power its facility and just one thought struck my mind when I saw the wires around it. My thought was ‘the power or current that you receive is the power or current that you can give out! If you are taking in very low current then you can only give out low current but if you take in a high voltage you will supply the high voltage.
Just like those wires that take in current or your electronic devices that you charge and use for a while, you need to charge yourself! If your cell phone’s battery is fully charged then it will serve you according to its programmed capacity but if it is not fully charged it will not serve as long a it should. In a way you are like the cell phone’s battery to the people around you or to your entire community. If you are fully charged then you will serve your community or even nation to capacity but if you are not fully charged then you will only serve for a while and you will burn out.
The way to stay relevant in this present world is for you to remain charged! You have to be spiritually charged and your have to be mentally charged. You should be socially charged and your belief system must also be charged! When you are not charged then you cannot serve any purpose and you also stand a chance of being discarded.
Now that we know it is important to be charged, it is also very important to find out how to stay charged all the time. In my own thoughts, some of the ways you can stay charged include:
1. Information – Information helps you stay charged! I used to say several years ago that information is not deformation but inspiration that triggers your aspiration. Information can determine the promotion that you get or you lose. Never joke with being up to date in the general knowledge around you and with specific information from your chosen field.
2. Prayer – In the place of prayer you can prevail. There may be certain things that will go beyond your skill, knowledge and experience but prayer can connect you to the divine world and resolve issues for you. You can use simple, heart felt prayers to restore things to default settings! It will also be good if you can peak the language of the Holy Ghost because it means you will speak mysteries! I remember Bishop David Abioye saying, ‘if you do not understand what is happening, pray in the language that you do not understand.’
3. Association – Your association can become your limitation and it can trigger accelerated promotion! If you associate with fowls you will only act like fowls and fly as high as they can. But if you flock with eagles you will soar like eagles! If you move with lions you will also roar like lions and operate with uncommon confidence! You cannot be charged when you move with men who think in small ways! You have to move with people whose thinking will challenge your thinking!
4. Meditation – Sometimes we all need to act like goats that chew the cords. They take in something, bring it back to their mouths after a while and chew it again. Don’t just take in information. Think, reflect or brood over those things. That way, your mind will expand and open up to a world of new possibilities! You have to spend time alone and reflect on what has happened and what can happen! That way you can stay charged!
5. Get new & relevant skills – You must constantly acquire new and relevant skills to stay charged or relevant in your generation. When you constantly meditate and associate with the right people, you will get to know about opportunities before they come and you can acquire relevant skills that will make you relevant! You have to keep improving and upgrading! Each time people see you there must be a new improved you!
Stay charged! Stay Relevant! Keep the current flowing!
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