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We’ve all been told not to give up. Because of this, we don’t know that there are situations where it is okay to give up or check out in order to keep your sanity and re-evaluate what you are doing. When you check out, do another assessment and gain clarity, you either come back stronger on see something else that you should be doing.
The ‘never-give-up’ mentality was designed to keep us going on the right track. Sadly in some cases, we are not on the right track and we are talking about not giving up. In other cases, we are on the right track but need to check out and refresh. Because we’ve been told never to give up, we think that checking out to refresh is the same as giving up.
There’s a popular saying about rams in Nigeria. When two rams get into a fight, one of them always takes a step back to come back stronger. Sometimes you find the two rams stepping back at the same time for their collision to have a stronger effect on the opponent. We all should know when to be like the rams and take some steps backwards just so that we can go forward stronger.
Every movement doesn’t have to be forward! Yes! You read that correctly. Take a look at any proper car. There’s a reverse option in the gear because you may need to reverse in some cases to get to your destinations. It will be nearly impossible to drive a car without the reverse option.
I know what you’ve been told about not giving up. I am not asking you to give up all hr good things you’re doing but sometimes, you just have to check out to refresh and determine if you want to come back. In the check out period, you’ll be able to decide if you should move forward, how to or the best way to move forward.
If you have to check out, please do in order to keep your sanity.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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