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Can I seize this opportunity to remind so many Christians that church is not and will never be our destination? The way so many people are going about the religion is so amazing. You can’t help but wonder what is happening. From the time that our saviour came to die for us, we got to know that heaven is the destination for anyone who believes in Jesus and claims to be following him.
I hear people talk and they say, ‘in my church.’ That is either an accident or pure ignorance. Christ is the owner of the church and he is the husband of the church. We are his bride and he is coming back for us.
Too many preachers seem to be preoccupied with filling up the large auditoriums they have built, bought or rented for the Sunday worship. They feel so comfortable with people just showing up regularly and paying their dues but not about these people focusing on the real destination.
One of the reasons I never, or at least try as much as I can, get involved in arguments about denomination is that I already understand our destination is not the physical church we go into. Even those who fight about one church or the other seem to have forgotten that the church is not even the structure but our bodies. The Bible says our bodies are the temple of the living God.
How do I know that heaven is our destination? Well Jesus said it himself. He did say that there are many mansions in his father’s house and that if it were not so he would have told us. He also emphasized the fact that he he was going to prepare a place for us. Which means that he went to prepare a place for us in heaven and he will come back to take us to that place he has gone to prepare.
In fact, let’s not forget that the only reason he died is so that we can gain access to the place he went to prepare. If he did not die, we will be unqualified to enter the place that was to be prepared for us.
I want to quickly charge everyone to go past the basics. Let’s move beyond the elementary things. It should not be heard of that we focus so much on doctrines today and less on the fact that the church is not our destination but heaven is.
Pastors are too busy these days fighting other pastors leaving their ministries. Some others are fighting church members. Why are these pastors fighting the other pastors and members that are leaving? Sometimes the concern is about the reduction in population and offering much more than it is about the soul. Don’t you think that would have been important if the physical church is our destination?
Maybe that’s one of the reasons Jesus said, ‘you have rendered the word of God of none effect because of your tradition.’
If you are a Christian – Christ like – behaving like Christ – you can’t be thinking about this earth alone and will always remember that heaven is our destination regardless of the title we carry. Quit fighting over the physical church. Drop the emphasis on the teachings of denominational doctrines. Focus on heaven which is our real destination and not the church build here on earth.

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