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You’ve probably heard of the word clutter. It’s been ringing in my head so I thought I should say something about it to help you see the need to clear all clutters around you. Sometimes, the reason we are not able to make meaningful progress is because we are entangled in a clutter.
A clutter represents the mess in our lives that is orchestrating confusion. A clutter speaks of the too many irrelevant things we are involved with or holding unto that wouldn’t let us see what’s needed or make progress where it is necessary.
The word clutter means to cover or fill (something) with an untidy collection of things. Another dictionary says it is a confused disordered jumble of things. This confusion and jumble of things is what many of us need to take care of in order to hit our goals and make progress in life. Until the clutter is cleared, we may want to do so much but will not be able to do it.
For some of you, the clutter is the friends that you keep. There’s no direction with these group of friends and you can’t even identify any progress you’ve made or will be able to make with them any time soon or even in the future. Some others are in a clutter of engagements. You’re doing too many unrelated things and that’s why you have confusion in your life. Some of you have a clutter of visions. You have too many ideas and want to be so many things together.
It is time to declutter. Choose a few relevant friends who can help you become productive. Identify your skills or learn new skills to be aligned with a single vision. List all the things you’re doing or trying to do. Delete those things on the list that can get you to where you want to be in ten years time.
If you start clearing the clutter right now, you’ll be so glad you did before you’ll experience remarkable progress in life.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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